Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Download

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Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Download HD MKV Full Movie (2020) 

STORY: A young shipping officer Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) grappling with a massive personal loss, takes it upon himself to unravel the mysteries of a haunted ship. Will he live to tell the tale?

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REVIEW: Based on a true incident, the film begins with a chilling scene. As the film proceeds, debutant writer-director Bhanu Pratap Singh begins to tease us with flashes of the incident that led to Sea-Bird becoming the dreaded haunted ship. He juxtaposes this with Prithvi’s poignant past. Solving Sea Bird’s mystery deaths give Prithvi’s life a sense of purpose. Vicky Kaushal carries his character’s guilt and his newfound mission with utmost honesty.

MOVIE INFO Bhoot: Part One -The Haunted Ship Movie Download (2020) 

Meanwhile, trade analyst Taran Adarsh has already shared a quick review of Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship. He tweeted, “#OneWordReview… #Bhoot: DULL. Rating: Medium star½. Fails to live up to its title… Weak writing… Lethargic pace… Few scares… Exhausting second half… Unconvincing backstory… #VickyKaushal is the only plus here. #BhootReview.”

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While the film’s runtime is short, the pace seems exhausting because most of the scenes are concluded abruptly, leaving you waiting for the big reveal. However, the all-important backstory isn’t convincing enough to make your wait worth it. For a horror film, ‘Bhoot Part One The Haunted Ship’ falls short of sending chills down your spine. At best, it can give you a few spooks.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship (2020) Bollywood Movie Download

‘Bhoot Part One – The Haunted Ship’ manages to throw in a few terrifying moments while keeping the background score subtle. However, the CGI often gives away, but the cinematography is dark and consistently good. The make-up ends up making the characters look unintentionally funny, rather than scary.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship (2020) Movie Trailer


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