Furie 2019 Movie Download

Furie 2019 Movie Download

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Furie 2019 Movie Download Movie HD MKV

Furie 2019 Movie Download

Download  Furie (2019) Movie 480p/720p Mp4 Code 8 720p 480p,  (2019) , Full Movie Download, HD, torrent, HD BluRay, dubbed, video Mkv

MOVIE INFO Furie (2019)

Hai Phuong (Ngô Thanh Vân), is an ex-gangster who is estranged from her family after her father disowns her for having an affair with a gangster and getting involved with criminal activity. After giving birth to her daughter Mai after she had a gangster arrested,

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Then, Hai Phuong decides to lie low in the countryside and retire. She works as a debt collector, and barely supports her daughter or herself. Mai has been bullied due to Hai Phuong’s reputation as a debt collector and for not having a father, and she wants to stop going to school so that she can support her mom so she won’t be hated by the community anymore.

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One day, while in the market Hai Phuong sees Mai being accused of stealing a wallet. The other witness pressures Hai Phuong to take their side, which hurts Mai’s feelings and infuriates her when Hai Phuong does not believe her, resulting in Mai scolding her mother for trusting strangers more than her own family and running away. It is revealed that someone framed Mai, and Hai Phuong tries to find Mai to apologize, but Mai is captured by thugs.

Furie 2019 Movie Download

Hai Phuong tries to catch up to the thugs, but she has to fight through many henchmen. After a lengthy chase, Hai Phuong barely loses them, but not before learning that the thugs are taking Mai to Ho Chi Minh City.

Thus, Hai Phuong hitches a ride in a truck, and she later arrives in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phuong tries to get help from her fellow gangster member, but she is rebuffed. Hai Phuong goes to the police and steals reports of criminals related to missing children.

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Hai Phuong confronts a criminal name Truc, which results in a brutal fight where at first Truc gains the upper hand, but Hai Phuong manages to turn the tables and nearly kills him but spares him because of Truc’s mother. The police enlist Detective Luong to solve the case

Furie 2019 Movie

Furie (2019) BluRay 1080p Full English Movie Download

IMDb Ratings: 6.4/10
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2019
Quality: 1080p BluRay
File Size: 1.5GB
Director: Le-Van Kiet, Van Kiet Le
Star cast: Van Veronica Ngo, Mai Cát Vi, Thanh Nhien Phan
Synopsis: Veronica Ngo stars as an ex-gangster who is lying low in the countryside after becoming a mother, but she can’t escape her violent past when her daughter is kidnapped.



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