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See Difference Between White And Colored Vitamin C Tablet

White And Coloured Vitamin C: No Difference In Effectiveness/Potency


Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid, its plays a major role in fighting against infections and its found to be common in citrus fruits.

Due to its effectiveness in the human body, it is now produced as a drug and occurs mostly in two different colors are both 100mg.

However, Most patients and clients have come to believe that white is more effective when compared to the colored due to the fact that the color is sweeter and it is believed that sugar has been added to it which reduces the potency when compared to the white. THIS BELIEF IS COMPLETELY FALSE.

In order to encourage patients to take medications, drug producing companies tend to look for ways of encouraging patients to take these medications.

In a bid to make patients and clients take drugs manufacturing industries make these drugs sweeter by masking them which in turn does not reduce the potency of these drugs. For example, most drugs made for children are masked to become even sweeter than those for adults and this in turn results in the high cost of drugs for children.

However, manufacturing companies tend to change the color of their drugs for the sake of medication adherence from the common white color. The same also applies in the case of the Vitamin C tablet.

Vitamin C is 100mg, both colored and white, and is sold at the same cost price, what this means is that both drugs will work the same way and the differences in their colors do not mean that one (colored) was designed for children while the white for adult. Children vitamin C most times comes in form of syrup.

Discard any false belief that the white Vitamin C is more potent than the coloured.

So whenever you want to take your Vitamin C tablet, kindly go for the taste and color you prefer most.

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