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What Causes Sharp Stabbing Pain In The Upper Right Leg?

What Causes Sharp Stabbing Pain In The Upper Right Leg?

One common cause of sharp stabbing pain in the upper right leg is sciatica, as stated by WebMD. In addition, sharp pains in the thigh are a sign of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, notes Medscape.

Patients who experience sciatica often report stabbing pains in one thigh, which can include the right side. This pain may become worse when sitting and it can radiate into the back and down the leg. Some patients may find that the pain makes it difficult to stand up, and they may experience numbness in the affected leg. Individuals who experience weakness and numbness that worsens should seek immediate medical attention. Causes of sciatica include pregnancy, a narrowing spinal column in the lower back, break down of the discs between the vertebrae and one vertebra slipping in front of another.

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Around 50 percent of patients with DVT experience leg pain, which usually originates in the thigh or calf. In addition to pain, some patients experience edema, which is swelling. DVT symptoms can exist in one or both legs, and although stabbing pain and tenderness is a symptom of DVT, it is usually the case that something else is causing the problem. Patients who are at risk of DVT include pregnant women, people suffering from heart conditions and those who are overweight. Individuals who experience these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.



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