Why more older men sufferfrom urinary tract infection

A specialist has advised elderly men to take better care of their prostate health in order to avoid additional health problems.

Professor of Surgery Kehinde Tijani, the specialist, pointed out that the poor status of prostate health is a key factor for the rising frequency of urinary tract infections among elderly men.

Remember that Bill Clinton, the 75-year-old former president of the United States, was recently admitted to the University of California, Irvine Medical Center with a urinary tract infection.


Speaking with PUNCH HealthWise, Professor Tijani said, “UTI is more common in women than men because the urethra is closer to the anus in women than in men. So, because most UTIs usually come from the anus, that is the major thing. But, yes, men have it but it is not common.

He explained that the reason why older men are prone to UTIs is because of the inability of urine to flow freely through the prostate.

Using an analogy, the professor said, “If you have a gutter that is flowing very well, things will not grow in it but if the gutter is stationary and something blocks it, things will start growing in that gutter. That is the same thing with the urinary tract in men.

“So, when they have a prostate enlargement that is slowing down the urine or there’s any problem that is slowing down the urine, this may lead to urinary tract infection.