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Five Unnecessary Questions Women Ask Men

Five Unnecessary Questions Women Ask Men

Questions are raised in order to get knowledge which helps the individual to get a better understanding of what they already know.

Some issues resulted in relationships being broken up. In attitudes, thoughts, information, and comprehension we are all wired differently.

There are, however, questions in a marriage that must be held under tapestry to prevent claims or sentiments of low esteem.

Here are some of the five questions picked that women ask their men unnecessary:

  • ‘Do You Find This Woman To Be More Beautiful Than Me?’

Comparing another woman’s beauty that you think is more beautiful than you are is just placing your husband at the spot.

Never ask your guy, he’ll give you the wrong answer if a woman is nicer than you.

He will never answer the question honestly so that he does not harm the feelings that can make you feel insecure.

Only by saying ‘what lady’ will he respond and not get into trouble with you? Each woman was woven into the heavens by her maker.

All of us have become beautiful, regardless of what our current cultural standards suggest.

  • Don’t You Ask Your Man In An Relaxed Mood, What’s Wrong?

A man clearly seems stressed or worried when he enters his home. When he hasn’t yet removed his clothing, bath and comfortable, you don’t necessarily come to him. You’re not going to get a clear answer.

Communication and intimacy are important to both men and women. Again, it’s a timing problem.

If you note that, calm down; it’s not the right time to talk deeply. Allow him to proceed, to pray, to relax at least the very day.

  • ‘So What Are You Thinking?’

When he’s watching his favourite football game, never ask a man this question. You’re probably getting blank stars.

This topic concerns timing with men. Part of learning to accept each other is learning to take on the opposite sex. With better pacing, we must learn how to ask better questions.

  • Are You Aware That My Appearance Has Changed?

Asking your guy if he saw something else in your look is like he takes you to his car and opens his car hood and asks what you see.

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This type of question would certainly produce an answer that insinuates many things to you and therefore leads to an argument.

The issue is that most men would probably say the wrong thing because he doesn’t want to demolish your own poor self image if you always think negative about how you look.

Give your husband the ability to affirm you without feeling like they are going to get in trouble if they get it wrong.

From my point of view, this is a setup question women bring up to psych their men mostly to know what he feels about them.

  • Do You Think This Dress Makes Me Look Fat?

This is a stupid question because the man will never give you an honest answer and you don’t want to know the honest answer to this question. Men do not fall for that trap because she doesn’t want the honest truth.

Why not check out your weight yourself? Even if you are big, he wouldn’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel bad so he pretends like he is not seeing it.

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Struggling with weight is something that many women will deal with at some point in their lives between pregnancy and menopause.

This is your insecurity messing with your mind. It makes you want to be affirmed by your husbands.

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