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How To Obtain Car Insurance in Ghana | Insurance

How To Get Car Insurance in Ghana

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One of the conditions for owning a car in Ghana is that you have an insurance policy. This requirement makes sense because there are many things that can go wrong with a car, its driver, and other road users while driving.

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Every car owner needs car insurance, even though it is not a legal necessity. Road accidents are sadly common in Ghana, and getting insurance would ensure that you are not left with a large unexpected bill in the event of an accident.

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Since car insurance is required in Ghana, many people simply buy a policy from the first insurance provider they come across and ignore the fine print, assuming they will never need to make a claim.

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However, as with all types of insurance plans, it is important to compare and analyze the different insurance companies, as well as the various policies they provide, before making your decision.

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You should be aware of the minimum and maximum claims that the insurance would cover, in addition to the variations in premiums paid for similar policies.

It is important to have this knowledge before buying a policy so that you are not disappointed if you need to make a claim in Ghana.

Insurance firms generally sell three different types of insurance plans. There are three types of insurance: third-party only, third-party and other, and comprehensive.

Third-party insurance covers any harm you cause to a third party as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Third-party and others insurance combines third-party liability insurance with a specific list of other possible disasters, such as fire or robbery.

Furthermore, Comprehensive insurance is designed to cover third-party risks as well as any other misfortunes that might occur, such as fire, robbery, or unintended damage to your vehicle. Many of these plans have varying premiums that you would pay on a regular basis (usually on a yearly basis).

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However, To receive car insurance in Ghana, you will need the vehicle’s registration papers, a certificate stating that it is roadworthy, and a valid driver’s license. You must make sure that your car’s records are still relevant.

This is because there are certain things that would make it impossible for your claim to be honoured in the case of any incident for which you file a claim.

For example, if you drove your car when the road-worthy certificate was expired, it might be determined that you were irresponsible by not ensuring that your car was road-worthy in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, if you are involved in an accident when your driver’s license is revoked, you may not be deemed eligible to drive in the case, and your claims will be rejected.

Car insurance, unlike other forms of insurance, is required by Ghanaian law and is generally enforced by traffic cops. However, having insurance merely to prevent violating the law is inadequate.

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You can easily compare policies from various insurance companies at Gisttree.com before deciding on one, which will prove to be a wise decision in the event of a misfortune.

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