Kanchana 3 (2019) Full Movie Download

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Kanchana 3 (2019) Full Movie Download

Kanchana 3 2019 Full Movie Download

Mp4 Kanchana 3 (2019) 720p 480p, Kanchana 3 (2019), 2019 Full Movie Download, HD x265 x264, torrent, HD BluRay dubbed, video (2019) Mkv 3D Stream Watch

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IMDb Ratings: 4.9/10
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Language: Hindi + Tamil (ORG)
Release Year: 2019
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
File Size: 1.3GB

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Director: Lawrence Raghavendra
Star cast: Lawrence Raghavendra, Oviya, Vedika

Synopsis: A young man who gets easily scared is possessed by a ghost that is seeking revenge.

Movie Download : Kanchana 3 2019 Full


The ghost-fearing Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) and his happy family consisting of his mother (Kovai Sarala), brother (Sriman), sister in law (Devadarshini), and their daughter set out to Coimbatore for a family function, and there, the whole family, including Raghava’s cousins Priya (Vedhika), Kavya (Oviya), and Divya (Nikki Tamboli), witness strange and scary incidents, as well as Raghava getting possessed. The subsequent events return to another character named Kaali (Raghava Lawrence). Kaali is a social worker who runs an ashram which gives shelter and feeds poor people. He has also contributed to the studies of poor youths.

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One day, enters in Kaali’s ashram a politician named Bhavani (Kabir Duhan Singh), the brother of another politician, Shankar (Tarun Arora). He asks to keep a sum of 100 crores in his ashram, which is black money and return 80 crores and keep 20 crores as a source of funding to his ashram. When Kaali refuses, he sends his men to kill Kaali’s handicap innocents, which angers Kaali. He then sets out to kill Bhavani’s henchmen and finally him. When Bhavani is murdered, Shankar is angered and devises a plan to kill Kaali. When Rosy and Kaali take a ride on a bike, Shankar appoints a lorry and crushes them both. Rosy dies there, and Kaali dies watching the video of his ashram and his supporters getting destroyed.



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