Big Brother Naija Stars Who Did Not Attend University But Are Intelligent

In Nigeria, approximately everyone thinks that one must have a university qualification before he or she is being given full respect. This idea unintentionally programmed by society that one should need a degree or a university qualification to be considered educated has led some people to see secondary school graduates as semi-illiterate or even illiterate.

In this piece, 3 Bbnaija stars have broken this belief. They have become enough solid proof to ridicule the notion that you must need a university degree to become successful and outspoken.

1) Angel Smith:

BBNaija: “Anambra Men Are Romantic They Like Spoiling Their Women” Angel (Video)
BbNaija Stars Who Did Not Attend University – Angel

The 21-year-old popular BBNaija housemate did not attend a university. She had the chance and capital to but withdrew several times.

Angel has a wonderful accent and is one of the most outspoken, intelligent, and expressive housemates. Angel discourses in clear and concise English without blunders.


2) Vee:

I’ve Been Telling You From Time To Time That Girl Is Crazy Vee Shades Nengi, Nengi Reacts
BbNaija Stars Who Did Not Attend University – Vee

Ex 2020 Bbnaija housemate did not see the four walls of a university. She halted her education at high school in the United Kingdom. Vee has one of the most precise, beautiful, and melodic accents.

She was also one of the most knowledgeable in her set. Without a university qualification, Vee has evolved to become a thriving woman since her exit from the reality show.



3) White Money:

Whitemoney Cooking Skill “Between 2014/2015, I Lived Under The Bridge With The Chairman Of ‘Agberos’, Yet I Didn’t Smoke” White Money (Video)
BbNaija Stars Who Did Not Attend University – White Money

A current Bbnaija housemate, White Money did not attend university. White Money in conversations with some of the housemates explained that he does not need a degree. All he needs is a good business that will bring in daily returns and he is fine.

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