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3 reasons why I love Low Touch SaaS


posted on 18 Oct 2020

I’m a Stripe fanboy. Encourage in 2014, I consider being mighty impressed on the ease with which we were able to put into effect a apparently subtle component – the billing infrastructure at Zinrelo – using Stripe. Upright from the discovery to on-boarding, the API doctors to the error messages, all the pieces with Stripe was as soon as a cakewalk. And no longer a single time did we have to work along with a human being at Stripe’s waste. After just a few years, I had a identical ride with one other product – Intercom. Integrating Intercom and the overall product ride in identical outdated was as soon as exceedingly easy requiring no human interaction.

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Later, when I learnt about diversified SaaS devices as a Product Supervisor, I realised that the model that both Stripe and Intercom followed was as soon as known as a Low Touch SaaS model.

A Low Touch SaaS model entails constructing and marketing a product in this form of skill that there would possibly be minimal or no human interaction required all over the client crawl.

Since then, I in reality were exploring Low Touch SaaS devices and having a inspect at products I work along with from the lenses of Low Touch SaaS. I’m an increasing form of convinced that Low Touch SaaS model makes pudgy employ of the instrument technological brilliance that humankind has finished to manufacture exact product experiences.

Right here are 3 the reason why I take care of Low Touch SaaS:

1. Considerable Onboarding

The seeds of churn are planted early. On account of this fact this is able to possibly well be very crucial to tender out the onboarding process and form prospects in reality feel take care of they did the advantageous component selecting the product. The sooner a product can roar the “wow” feeling, the longer lasting the first affect is.

Low Touch SaaS model compels products to maintain their onboarding process ruthlessly optimized to invent an awfully trouble free and low-friction ride. Right here is on the overall done by guaranteeing that every the touch parts are easy to attain, maintain self-abet solutions equivalent to guided abet flows, obvious error messages with actions to rectify the errors,person guides and in the waste abet centres that abet users easily safe a resolution in case they win stuck. Merchandise maintain to constantly improve the onboarding ride to attain the optimum effectivity by monitoring person behaviour and optimizing those areas that result in person’s discomfort. Unlike High Touch SaaS that over and over depend upon human give a boost to to abet with onboarding, Low Touch SaaS model emphasizes on users having an distinctive onboarding ride with out any human interaction.

2. Product Center of attention

The goal of each and each SaaS product must aloof be to invent that “Wow” feeling to the person whereas solving a fundamental win 22 situation for the person and serving to her improve her life. Since Low Touch SaaS wants the product to attain this in this form of skill that users maintain minimum or no human interaction, the overall point of curiosity of the organization shifts to making the product greater. Every original enhancement or characteristic you introduce in the product wants to form certain the ride is fully self-provider.

In a skill, Low Touch SaaS model makes you note JTBD framework to title the job that the person is making an are attempting to attain and construct an ride to abet person easily attain that job. This requires the discipline to maintain in tips the give a boost to documentation, explainer movies , abet texts and workflow guides to be a section of the product. Low Touch SaaS model also encourages files-pushed decision making by using metrics to greater realize person behavior. Low Touch SaaS considers product as a fundamental car to manufacture, set off, and maintain prospects thus fueling product-led development.

3. Scalable Customer give a boost to and Payment Efficiency

Low Touch SaaS model relies on the instrument’s web advise, electronic mail marketing, and as a rule a free trial for the instrument as basically the principal sales channels, the costs for which will likely be rather less when compared to humans doing sales. Most Low Touch SaaS products maintain a scalable customer give a boost to that relies on in-app abet resources with humans as the closing resort. Right here is finished by optimizing workflows that would require human intervention, by making academic resources readily on hand interior the product where users would possibly possibly well maybe need it, each time they need it. Low Touch SaaS mandates a amount of automation yet keeping the skill to personalize verbal exchange (switch log, announcements, New announcements, Billing reminders, usage reminders) each time required. This form of automation helps help the headcount in take a look at and thus the value of operations. The goal of Low Touch SaaS is to allow users win what they need with out having to work along with a human for the longest that that you simply would possibly imagine length of time. Whereas it could possibly well maybe also simply seem take care of a tough assignment, the long-term effectivity, retention and cost-saving benefits are fundamental.

Low Touch vs High Touch

On the overall, companies moving upmarket have a tendency to transition from Low Touch to High Touch basically due to the of the nature of the prospects (steadily immense organizations) they scoot after. Such organizations seize require proofs, case reports, metrics, demonstrations to an whole lot of of us, due diligence with security and other compliances. These organizations cost frequent customized verbal exchange about how the product is adding cost to their switch.

There are many products that relief as immense examples of Low Touch SaaS. Basecamp, Slack, Atlassian are just a few companies which maintain considered immense success with Low Touch SaaS model. Though Low Touch SaaS seems take care of the correct model for SaaS products, there are other strategic components that companies maintain in tips whereas deciding whether to scoot with Low Touch SaaS with minimal human interaction or High Touch SaaS with excessive stage of human empathy that incorporates one-on-one interaction.

Subsequent time you use a High Touch SaaS, are attempting mulling over what it would set to form it a Low Touch SaaS. Equally, are attempting to jot down just a few components that you simply suspect must maintain result in the product using High Touch SaaS model.

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