From the alphabetical index to the filing cabinet, the informational tools we gain as a right as soon as precipitated a crawl.

A typesetter’s case.



Katherine A. Powers

The first factor to know about Judith Flanders’s “A Feature for Every thing: The Uncommon History of Alphabetical Give an explanation for” is that its subtitle is misplaced. The factual field of this spell binding even though relentlessly detailed e-book is the historical previous of data retrieval, mainly in Europe and The USA, as much as the age of the computer. To this cease, Ms. Flanders has accumulated enough field topic on her field to enjoy the complete ingenious cabinets and filing devices chanced on in the e-book’s illustrations. The plethora of factor on the complete overwhelms the undoubtedly revelatory dimension of the work: the style the alphabet mirrored and facilitated the alternate…