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About MonsterMash, a framework for sketch-based 3D modeling and animation[video]



We repeat a brand contemporary framework for sketch-based modeling and animation of 3-Dorganic shapes that can maybe maybe work entirely in an intuitive 2D enviornment, enabling a
mischievous, informal skills. No longer like old sketch-based instruments, our approachdoes no longer require a slack share-based multi-behold workflow with the specificspecification of an animation rig. As a change, we combine 3D inflation with a
contemporary rigidity-conserving, layered deformation mannequin, ARAP-L, to manufacture a
gentle 3D mesh that is ideal now prepared for animation. Furthermore, the resulting
mannequin would possibly maybe possibly also be fascinating from a single point of view — and without the are looking tohandle undesirable inter-penetrations, as required by old approaches. We
point to the trusty thing about our formula on a selection of examples produced throughinexperienced users as successfully as skilled animators. For less experienced
users, our single-behold formula offers an more straightforward modeling and animating
skills than working in a 3D atmosphere, while for mavens, it providesa instant and informal workspace for ideation.

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Demo (in preparation)

To appear in ACM Transactions on Graphics 39(6): 214, 2020

(SIGGRAPH Asia 2020)

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