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Ali v0.5.0 is out – Percentiles chart is now available


ali v0.5.0 is here!! 🎉

Percentiles chart is now available (#66)


Thanks to @brenol made it in a position to seeing how the 50th, 90th, 95th, and 99th percentiles are altering. Correct press l (or h) to swap the displayed chart.

Bugs mounted!

A converse that would motive a recordsdata lunge looking out on while you press Enter has been resolved.


2711e42 Add charts allotment to clinical doctors (#72)

5495eed Add swap navi

9fc2691 Change the coloration map of percentile labels

c1e4be6 Merge department ‘grasp’ of

793a590 Merge pull query #71 from brenol/fix-percentiles-chart-navigation

0dac96f Disable buckets option

479f017 fix navigation

d259d7c Merge pull query #2 from nakabonne/grasp

60eba11 Merge pull query #66 from brenol/percentiles-chart

cc7c887 allege ubers atomic pkg as a substitute

55a02ea fix found recordsdata races

e7c22da add the possibility to whisk forward (with L & l) and backwards (with H & h)

dc848df Merge pull query #68 from rzkmak/feat/histogram-buckets

d2e2724 fix: message error and bucket back recordsdata

2d5bc7a add lacking error handling

970c7fd fix: check failing

b0a9d0e lint: preallocate var bucket temp

e0870bd chore: update readme with buckets option

fd2f4eb feat: add bucket histogram option

Docker photos

  • docker pull nakabonne/ali:most traditional
  • docker pull nakabonne/ali:v0.5.0
  • docker pull nakabonne/ali:v0.5

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