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All billionaires under 35 inherited their wealth (except in tech)


Hope I'm no longer abusing HN since I don't beget a quiz or something else to point to, nonetheless I used to be studying this Forbs page [1] the set apart they list the youngest billionaires in right time (each day?), and moreover the people that started tech companies (equivalent to Evan Spiegel from Snapchat, John Collison from Stripe, etc.) the whole other beget inherited their wealth from their fathers/mothers/grandparents/etc.

Some examples:

– Alexandra Andresen and her sister Katharina, 365 days her senior, every inherited 42% of the family-owned funding firm Ferd.

– Gustav Magnar Witzoe owns almost about half of of Salmar ASA, one amongst the realm's largest salmon producers. His stake used to be talented to him in 2013 by his father, Gustav Witzoe, who founded the firm in 1991.

– Elisabeth Furtwaengler, daughter of publishing magnate Hubert Burda and doctor and actress Maria Furtwaengler, owns 25% of Burda Media Group.

– Lisa and her father, Fritz Draexlmaier, preside over auto parts maker Fritz Draexlmaier Retaining GmbH, of which Lisa is sole owner.

– Anna Kasprzak, along along with her brother André and mother Hanni, owns $1.46 billion (gross sales) Danish shoe manufacturer, ECCO. ECCO used to be founded by Kasprzak's slack grandfather, Karl Toosbuy, in 1963.

– …

This doesn't reach as a shock or something else, nonetheless I believed it would possibly well perchance be something weird and wonderful to point to. All in all, it neutral makes me genuinely feel sorry for folk that want to work laborious day to day to compose their cash for their bread and butter (me included). And it additionally reveals (as many already know) that your preliminary prerequisites (wealth, the set apart you had been born, etc.) matters a lot!


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