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Android App Which Shows Details about Covid19 Exposures (Requires Root)


Android App Which Reveals Little print about CWA Exposures (Requires Root)

© 2020 Michael Huebler and varied contributors.
This program is dispensed in the hope that this may occasionally maybe also additionally be principal, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; with out even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Survey the GNU Traditional Public License for added small print.

There are 3 choices:

1. Secure the app from the Play Store

  1. Download from print?identification=org.tosl.warnappcompanion
  2. Write a transient overview

2. Install a free up from GitHub

  1. Download the newest released APK from the Property at
  2. Install via adb machine and USB cable: adb set up corona-warn-accomplice-github-free up.apk

3. Invent the app from provide code, the utilization of Android Studio

  1. git clode
  2. In Android Studio, purchase out a ‘style’:
    github is the licensed model, called “Corona-Warn-Companion”.
    playstore is a model that modified into as soon as renamed to “Warn-App-Companion” due to the Play Store requirements for COVID-19 apps;
    this is no longer a class 1 or 2 app and should therefore no longer exercise COVID-19 linked terms in its Play Store list.
  3. Invent the debug manufacture variant, and set up it on your machine.
    The free up manufacture variant will potentially manufacture out-of-the box most productive on macOS due to the means how the keystore for app signing is accessed.

This app helps you to raised realize warnings of the legit Corona-Warn-App.

ATTENTION: FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY, THE APP REQUIRES ROOT PERMISSIONS. With out root permissions, the app can no longer discover entry to your risk encounters, and most productive three aspects are on hand: 1. Take a look at what number of diagnosis keys can also additionally be downloaded from the server; 2. Exhaust RaMBLE knowledge; 3. Demo Mode.

What the app does:

  1. The app reads the Rolling Proximity IDs recorded by your machine from the Publicity Notifications database
    (this is most productive doable with root permissions, which is why legit Publicity Notifications apps, equivalent to Corona-Warn-App,
    can no longer point out these small print).

    -Example Recorded Encounters-
    Alternatively, the app can additionally learn a database exported from the RaMBLE – Bluetooth LE Mapper app (does no longer want root permissions).
  2. The app downloads the Diagnosis Keys from the legit German Corona-Warn-Server and varied international locations’ servers, as chosen by you.
    For Germany, it downloads the keys printed day-to-day for the outdated couple of days, and the keys printed every hour for this day. Subsequently, varied knowledge than in the legit app will be displayed.
    Handiest keys for the times realized in step 1 are proven and counted.

    -Example Diagnosis Keys-
  3. The app compares each and each in dispute to gain matches (risk encounters).

    -Example Matches-

If risk encounters are realized, it reveals the information:
At which times and with which radio attenuation (roughly corresponds to the gap) did the encounters happen, and what stage of transmission risk did the encounters contain.

-Example Details-

Existing that 1 means a low and eight means a high transmission risk.

What the app does no longer invent:

  • The app does no longer course of any deepest knowledge.
  • The app most productive accesses the web for the reason 2 (undercover agent above), i.e. it most productive downloads knowledge from the legit warning servers and does no longer ship any knowledge to varied servers.
  • The app does no longer present any marketing.

Existing: This app has most productive been tested on about a devices to this point, so it’s doable that this may occasionally maybe no longer work and/or present wrong results.

The provide code of the app is printed at, so that you may perhaps take a look at the provision code, manufacture the app your self, and likewise you are additionally welcome to make a contribution to enhancements.

This mode requires the installation of the RamBLE – Bluetooth LE Mapper app.

In RaMBLE mode, the app is no longer going to learn the Publicity Notification database, but as a substitute learn the most newest RaMBLE database export kept in the Download folder.
Existing that the Publicity Notifications database incorporates calibrated_rssi (undercover agent here).
RaMBLE nonetheless stores most productive raw_rssi, that means that the colors proven on the information show hide are potentially varied from the case when the app reads the Publicity Notifications database.

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Switzerland

Within the stay edifying hand corner of the app is a menu button,
please exercise this to come to a decision the international locations from which you have to download Diagnosis Keys.

Please point out that we primarily discover adjustments that happen in the German CWA setup; in the occasion you trip issues with one other country,
please allow us to know via a GitHub self-discipline.

  • The app is ragged for non-public functions most productive, it’s no longer ragged for any industrial functions.
  • The app is no longer a “hacking machine”. It most productive reads knowledge from the memory of your fill machine, which is kept there with out additional encryption.

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