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Ask HN: Are backlinks so important to rank first in Google results?


Sitting in a gathering with entrepreneurs, hearing fully about one device hyperlinks, customer posts, outreach and lots others. In total all americans is making an strive to gain a wait on hyperlink at any cost, to promote their product. Before the entire lot it looked esteem as soon as you’ve got extra hyperlinks you’ve got precious data. Now as soon as you’ve got extra hyperlinks, you might maybe maybe per chance be edifying edifying at working hard and/or cheating. Thanks Google and Entrepreneurs for making data extra junk day after day. You guys already ruined Quora with pseudo-kindly respond edifying to gain a wait on hyperlink.

Doesn't it slay complete plan of discovering data? I believe esteem bunch of participants chanced on a diagram how one can hack Google ranking and making an strive to out compete one yet every other by cheating. Google doesn't care on legend of they are earning money out of it.

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