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Ask HN: Checklist for building a CRUD-style web app with user accounts?


I'm on the feeling-out phase of Yet One other Venture Notion, attempting to wrap my head spherical with level of effort required to love out a somewhat straightforward web app with user accounts and CRUD-fashion merchandise administration. Ponder something admire a social network; ogle jabber, like an story, upload jabber, and a great deal of others and a great deal of others.

I know there are checklists / job lists accessible for issues admire web security (“don't utilize MD5”) and front-stop web dev ideal practices (“test in assorted browsers”) however I'm weird and wonderful if something greater-level exists. Nearly something admire a REST API boilerplate, presumably? Something along the lines of:

[] Assemble an story
[] Send user email verification
[] Edit story
[] Reset password
[] Securely like reset token
[] Send password reset email

Is there the leisure admire this accessible? Feels admire it’ll be priceless for getting a project off the ground more with out trouble, and advantage occupy scope in test while helping steer clear of lacking important requirements. I'll doubtlessly stop up making something myself—and hello, let me know whenever you'd be drawn to what I come up with—however I'd admire to search out what the cutting-edge appears to be like admire.

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