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Ask HN: How do you develop an appreciation for CS and algorithms


By the level I started my CS stage I had been coding since center college and used to be a cocky note all of it, so I was uninterested within the tiring thought stuff my professors possess been droning on about and by no contrivance without a doubt developed an appreciation for it. I've now been a SWE for 15 years and I revisit CS 101 every few years when doing interview prep, nonetheless it always feels cherish a chore and I be taught merely satisfactory to assemble by. I have confidence I'm a large coder and can collect shit done and resolve exhausting problems, nonetheless I'm tranquil timid of graphs and other ideas!

I'm on the job hunt all all over again, nonetheless this time as a change of correct cramming for interviews I'd settle to the truth is operate an appreciation for algorithms. What attain you all imply for lectures/reading/other studying cloth? I the truth is possess chanced on many of the instructors reasonably tiring, and wonder if maybe I correct must fetch the reliable video series or books. Any individual cherish a Feynman of CS who correct exudes pleasure as they lift the beauty of ideas and the vitality they’ve in solving proper problems.

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