Ask HN: What personal finance tools do you use?


I've been the usage of YNAB(6 months) after having worn HLedger(2 years). HLedger used to be radiant, I in level of truth loved budgeting that map. There were inconceivable tutorials on easy easy techniques to attain envelop budgeting. The lead developer helped fix bugs as we declare. There used to be a instrument that enable me import my OXF data from the bank. It used to be a dream.

Nonetheless I purchased married and merged finances, so I obligatory one thing a shrimp more person suitable to present my wife fetch entry to to our price range. YNAB is smartly it's gradual and dogmatic. I don't mind dogmatic but the map in which it rolls months annoys me. Couple that with a clunky gradual interface and I'm done with YNAB.

What attain you utilize to for your non-public price range?

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