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Atomic Typos


This web location is devoted to unearthing the staunch derivation and which methodology of the time frame ”ATOMIC TYPO”.

STOP PRESSES: THIS JUST IN: Thriller solved, case closed.

Definition of “atomic typo”

An atomic typo is an unsuitable note in a text that a context-challenged spell-test device is unable to detect since the spelling of the note is just not any longer unsuitable — it’s a long way appropriate totally different from the staunch note that was as soon as intended.

Examples: unclear for nuclear (and vice versa), Chris for Christ, etc.

The timeframe “atomic typo” has been in use in computerized newsrooms and publishing offices for over ten years, even supposing its use in frequent dialog and news articles is terribly uncommon. In actuality, most newspaper language mavens, fancy William Safire of the Original York Cases, had by no methodology heard of it sooner than it was as soon as dropped at their attention by an occasion.

Such typos are known as “atomic typos” interestingly since the mistake is terribly shrimp, minute, appropriate one or two letters within the contaminated show or within the contaminated location, and fancy an atomic particle or a sub-atomic particle, the typo is deemed to be very shrimp, and consequently of this truth “atomic” in nature.

Examples: unclear or nuclear, sudan or sedan, Chris or Christ, Sudan for Sedan ….. in other words, a shrimp, very shrimp typograhic mistake, that ends up making a colossal incompatibility within the which methodology.

EXAMPLE: letter from editor of Palm Seaside Publish, Florida: [Tom Morris of Jupiter flagged an atomic typo in the May 14 article, “Crist to run Martinez’s Senate campaign,” about Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist and U.S. Senate candidate Mel Martinez. Regarding the quote, ” ‘We share the same values, conservative values,’ Christ said,” Morris noted: “It’s printed Christ, C-h-r-i-s-t, instead of Crist, C-r-i-s-t. I’m sure Christ doesn’t back Sen. Martinez’s campaign. I think it is a mistake and should be corrected.”]


C.F. Hanif, the editorial ombudsman on the Palm Seaside Publish, ancient this time frame in print in some unspecified time in the future when he wrote:

Media helped to take ‘the secret’

… Ms. Reid e-mailed her letter (“Build no longer manufacture females wait days for ‘morning after’ pills”) about the web screech

of the emergency contraceptive EC. An atomic typo within the course of Spellcheck is my most productive wager for a strategy EC changed into

EX in every case, a mistake that aloof would possibly per chance well per chance additionally honest aloof were caught.

Palm Seaside Publish

EMAIL here:

LINK HERE: material/auto/epaper/editions/ thursday/opinion_f39efd4e204ed1c10081.html

ITEM #3:

Atomic Typo: A stenographer for the U.S. Congress generated headlines within the Sudanese media this week by giving the unsuitable influence theUnited States conducted nuclear tests within the African nation in 1962and 1970. The Sudanese govt asked the US for an explanation a couple of Net location file that a subcommittee of the usHouse of Representatives Armed Companies and products Committee had talked about the tests in Sudan. Nevertheless International Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail, who had summoned the U.S. label d’affaires on hearing the news, said it turned out that the note Sudan was as soon as merely a typing error for Sedan, the title of a nuclear test location in Nevada.


So it appears that an atomic typo is a extraordinarily shrimp typo, one letter or two letters, carried out in a extraordinarily puny, atomic device of methodology, fancy an atomic particle, as if one shrimp incompatibility makes the variation. This, I now deem, is the which methodology of the time frame.

“Please explicit be apologetic about to your atomic typo puzzled apt friend for me. That was as soon as appropriate me having a little bit of relaxing with a catchy phrase from a reader that has stayed with me since I first reported it in August 1995:

On stationery that showed a beaver asserting, “Or no longer it’s appropriate one dam challenge after every other,” R. T. of Palm Seaside made my day. “Wow! An atomic typo!” he wrote, referring to the article that said “There was as soon as blackslapping and handshaking all evening.”

Being an American of African respectable, you are going to imagine I needed to smile at that one.”

LATER, after a google search, we found that a Mr or Dr Peter J. Farago, Editor of CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN, now known as CHEMISTRY WORLD, wittily offered

observations on “Editing: Right and Erroneous, Primary or No longer.” He sees the

reason of an editor to be “grit to your oyster” and to take a long way off from effectively-known

atomic typos such as “Unclear Physics.” SEE NUCLEAR PHYSICS.

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