ChaosSquirrel: Like Netflix’s Chaos Monkey, packaged to run standalone


Delight in Netflix’s Chaos Monkey, packaged to drag standalone.

Installation from Supply Code

When installing from Git/Supply, use:

ln -sf $(pwd)/chaos /usr/local/bin/chaos

Set up RPMs to your Distribution

Download the RPM Packages from this link.

Set up DEBs to your Distribution

Download the DEB Packages from this link.

Uncover how to Bustle

Once installed, you invoke it with this one uncover:

This can drag every Monkey. Be willing to flip off this VM/Scheme if you invoke it.

Uncover how to Bustle a Particular Monkey

As an illustration, to burn the CPU, and nothing else, you would drag:

Construct it to your Programs Nowadays!

You’d merely must scheme:

or an identical of that to your code, and also you might well per chance perchance furthermore perchance be place!

Suggestions and Improvements

Ship all feedback and feedback to Pull Requests
and Improvements are welcome.

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