Constellation Survivors


Lockheed Constellation and Immense Constellation Survivors

Arguably basically the most unprecedented and comely airliner ever constructed, the Lockheed Constellation eminent its 60th birthday in 2003. Conceived by Howard Hughes within the unhurried 1930s, the Constellation represented the final in airline performance and luxury at some stage within the 1950s with 856 being constructed for commercial and navy potentialities. Rapidly displaced from frontline carrier by jet airliners within the 1960s, there are about fifty-5 survivors of the mass scrappings of the 1960s and 70s, with most productive C-121C VH-EAG for the time being airworthy. In case you trip this web place, verify out my accomplice Propliner Records Change web place featuring news, photos and articles about these iconic airplane.

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Constellation Wrecks & Hulks


Salina Connie Photo Update August 24, 2020

June 2020 Dynamic Aviation Search the advice of with July 24, 2020

TWA Resort Starliner Damaged At some stage in Storm June 29, 2020

Up as a lot as now Constellation Manufacturing Database May presumably well 21, 2020

Lufthansa CEO Announces Mark of Failed Starliner Restoration Challenge May presumably well 6, 2020 (Up as a lot as now May presumably well 14, 2020)

One Connie Dies to Save Every other April 25, 2020

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I receive many attention-grabbing Constellation photos and videos from viewers and I’ve created this web page to obtain and part them with others. The photos and videos are no longer miniature to “survivors” and, if you happen to’ve gotten some you’d bear to part, please electronic mail them to me and I will put up them.

Photo & Video SubmissionsUp as a lot as now 24 July 2020


Solutions to Questions Submitted by Internet place GuestsUp as a lot as now 16 February 2020


Links to about a of my popular basic aviation web sites


Columbine II Restoration Update – June 2020

Jim Flannerys Constellation Lounge & Restaurant November 2016 by Jordan Smith

Lockheed’s 1649A Starliner – Pleasure of the TWA Resort – November 2019 – by Jon Proctor

TWA Resort Starliner Restoration – October 2019

In Search of HI-328 – March 2019 – by By Tim Crowley

Memoirs of a TWA Constellation Flight Engineer – December 2017 – by Bob Bob Trumpolt

Lufthansa Starliner Restoration Challenge Update – August 2016

Right thru The Pacific in a U.S. Navy Immense Constellation – March 2016 – by Larry Eystad

Low & Late Flight to Japan on a MATS Connie in 1963 April 2015 – by Bob Ingraham

Consternation on a Constellation Flying from Curaao to Amsterdam in 1948 – April 2015 – by Ben Guilliamse

Homestretch For Lufthansa’s Starliner Restoration Challenge – September 2013

Camarillo Connie Makes Final Flight – January 14, 2012

1997 Swissair DC-4 Flying Adventure December 2012 – by Rainer Spoddig

Breitling DC-3 Sightseeing Day out August 2011 – by Rainer Spoddig

August 1998 MATS Connie Flight December 2010 – by Rainer Spoddig

Connie Experiences From MCI A Junior Mechanics Perspective – February 2010

Constellation Metamorphous – L1049E N1005C – November 2009

Michael S. Prophet Photo Sequence – Constellations and Immense Constellations – November 2009

Gerard Helmer Photo Sequence – Constellations and Immense Constellations – May presumably well 2009

Stephen Miller Photo Sequence – Fraction 1 – Constellations – February 2009

Stephen Miller Photo Sequence – Fraction 2 – Immense Constellations – February 2009

Stephen Miller Photo Sequence – Fraction 3 – Willy Victors and EC-121’s – February 2009

Filthy rich Kolasa Connie Pictures – February 2009

Conserving the Legacy Naval Aircraft Restoration Basis – May presumably well 2008

2007 Constellation News Update – February 2008

SCFA Immense Connie – Hamburg Airport Days – September 2007 – by Rainer Spoddig

United Airlines Workers Spearhead Restoration of NASM Immense Connie – January 2008

Connie Wants a Nostril – October 2007

SCFA Flying Adventure – Fraction 2 – September 2006 – by Rainer Spoddig

SCFA Flying Adventure – Fraction 1 – June 2006 – by Rainer Spoddig

The Rupture of L1049H N45516 on 11 May presumably well 1975 reach Mesa, Arizona – by Cam and Chris Baird

Constellation Metamorphous – L749A N749NL – November 2006

Willie Victor TLC – May presumably well 2006

Colchane’s Thriller Starliner – April 2006 – by Steven Raczynski

KLM March 1952 Fiery Touchdown at Bangkok – March 2006

Immense Connie Rupture Touchdown at NAS Fallon in December 1952 – January 2006

Auction of The Chacalutta Connie – January 2006 – by Steven Raczynski

Navy WV-2 Immense Connie Rupture at McMurdo Sound in 1960 – October 2005 – by Ricky DeRoo

Bye Bye MATS Connie – April 2005

Benny Younesi and His Connies – June 2004

Breitling Immense Constellation – May presumably well 2004

SAVE-A-CONNIE Celebrates TWA’s 75th Anniversary – June 2000 – by Michael S. Prophet

Chacalutta Connie – A Sparkling Girl Long past Rotten – May presumably well 2004 – by Snatch Jennings

Constellation Survivors – October 2003

Immense Constellation Flyers Association – October 2003

Salina Connie – July 2003

AMC Immense Connie Challenge Update – July 2003

Christler Flying Carrier – January 2003

Connie’s Comeback From The Cockpit – January 2003 – by Henk de Waard

AMC Immense Connie Challenge Update – December 2002

Maurice Roundy and His Starliners – September 2002

Connie’s Comeback – Restoration of L749A N749NL – September 2002

Santa Fe Connie – February 2002

The Most no longer in point of fact Dream – Starliner N974R Flies Again – October 2001

Penndel’s Immense Connie Finds a Dwelling – January 2001

Rebirth of Sanford’s Starliner N974R – June 2000

Maine Starliners – January 1998

Flying the Mighty MATS Connie – March/November 1997


While here’s the “Constellation Survivors” web place, I’ve decided to incorporate news and articles about totally different basic propliner airplane that shall be of passion to the enthusiast.


The Lockheed Constellation Sequence, Peter J. Marson, Air-Britain Newsletter, 2007

Piston Engine Airliner Manufacturing List, A.B. Eastwood and J. Roach, TAHS, October 2002

Lockheed Constellation, Stewart Wilson, Notebook Publications, 2001

Propliner Aviation Journal

Your comments relating to this web place would be very worthy appreciated. Please contact me about any errors you search and data that you can desire just a few “Survivor”. Pictures of “Survivors” would even be very worthy appreciated.

Ralph M. Pettersen

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