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Cups has been forked after Apple supplied only one commit in all of 2020


This branch is 18 commits sooner than apple:grasp.


CUPS is a requirements-essentially based completely, launch offer printing system developed by Apple Inc.
for macOS® and other UNIX®-take care of working systems. CUPS makes employ of the Web
Printing Protocol (“IPP”) and provides Machine V and Berkeley pronounce-line
interfaces, a internet-based interface, and a C API to retain a watch on printers and print jobs. It
supports printing to both local (parallel, serial, USB) and networked printers,
and printers would possibly perchance well additionally additionally be shared from one pc to any other, even over the Web!

Internally, CUPS makes employ of PostScript Printer Description (“PPD”) recordsdata to list
printer capabilities and capabilities and a huge form of generic and system-
divulge packages to convert and print many styles of recordsdata. Sample drivers are
incorporated with CUPS to enhance many Dymo, EPSON, HP, Intellitech, OKIDATA, and
Zebra printers. Many more drivers come in online and (in some conditions) on
the driver CD-ROM that came with your printer.

CUPS is licensed beneath the Apache License Version 2.0. Are waiting for the file
“LICENSE” for more recordsdata.


Initial documentation to salvage you started is equipped in the root list of
the CUPS sources:

  • A list of modifications in basically the most up-to-date main free up of CUPS.
  • Guidelines for contributing to the CUPS venture.
  • A list of past contributors to the CUPS venture.
  • Guidelines for developing code for the CUPS venture.
  • Instructions for building and inserting in CUPS.
  • LICENSE: The CUPS license agreement (Apache 2.0).
  • NOTICE: Copyright notices and exceptions to the CUPS license agreement.
  • This file.

If you would possibly perchance perchance well have gotten save in the system you would possibly perchance perchance well per chance additionally entry the documentation (and a
bunch of different stuff) online at http://localhost: 631/ and the utilization of the man
pronounce, as an instance man cups.

Whereas you happen to’re having trouble getting that a long way, the documentation is found beneath
the doc/reduction and man directories.

Please read the documentation earlier than asking questions.


Whereas you happen to will have gotten issues, read the documentation first! We also present two
mailing lists that come in at

Are waiting for the CUPS internet put at for other resources.


CUPS involves a internet-based-essentially based completely administration tool that enables you to retain a watch on
printers, courses, and jobs in your server. Initiate http://localhost: 631/admin/
in your browser to entry the printer administration instruments:

Carry out no longer employ the hostname for your machine – this will seemingly perchance well no longer work with the default
CUPS configuration. To enable administration entry on other addresses, test
the Allow Distant Administration box and click on the Substitute Settings button.

You would possibly perchance well be requested for the administration password (root or every other individual in the
“sys”, “system”, “root”, “admin”, or “lpadmin” community in your system) when
performing any administrative characteristic.


CUPS currently makes employ of PPD (PostScript Printer Description) recordsdata that list
printer capabilities and driver packages essential for every printer. The
in each place PPD is faded for almost all original networks printers supplied since
about 2009. As an instance, the following pronounce creates a print queue for a
printer at tackle “”:

lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipp:// -m in each place

CUPS also involves quite a lot of sample PPD recordsdata you would possibly perchance perchance well per chance additionally employ for “legacy” printers:

Driver PPD Name
Dymo Tag Printers drv:///sample.drv/dymo.ppd
Intellitech Intellibar drv:///sample.drv/intelbar.ppd
EPSON 9-pin Sequence drv:///sample.drv/epson9.ppd
EPSON 24-pin Sequence drv:///sample.drv/epson24.ppd
Generic PCL Laser Printer drv:///sample.drv/generpcl.ppd
Generic PostScript Printer drv:///sample.drv/generic.ppd
HP DeskJet Sequence drv:///sample.drv/deskjet.ppd
HP LaserJet Sequence drv:///sample.drv/laserjet.ppd
OKIDATA 9-Pin Sequence drv:///sample.drv/okidata9.ppd
OKIDATA 24-Pin Sequence drv:///sample.drv/okidat24.ppd
Zebra CPCL Tag Printer drv:///sample.drv/zebracpl.ppd
Zebra EPL1 Tag Printer drv:///sample.drv/zebraep1.ppd
Zebra EPL2 Tag Printer drv:///sample.drv/zebraep2.ppd
Zebra ZPL Tag Printer drv:///sample.drv/zebra.ppd

You would possibly perchance well be ready to poke the lpinfo -m pronounce to checklist all of the accessible drivers:

lpinfo -m

Dash the lpinfo -v pronounce to checklist the accessible printers:

lpinfo -v

Then employ the merely URI to add the printer the utilization of the lpadmin pronounce:

lpadmin -p printername -E -v system-uri -m ppd-name

Recent community printers most incessantly employ ipp or ipps URIS:

lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipp:// -m in each place
lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipps:// -m in each place

Older community printers most incessantly employ socket or lpd URIs:

lpadmin -p printername -E -v socket:// -m ppd-name
lpadmin -p printername -E -v lpd:// -m ppd-name

The sample drivers present normal printing capabilities, nonetheless most incessantly do no longer
bid the paunchy ability of the printers or CUPS. Other drivers present
bigger printing capabilities.


CUPS supplies both the Machine V lp and Berkeley lpr instructions for printing:

lp filename
lpr filename

Both the lp and lpr instructions enhance printing alternatives for the driver:

lp -o media=A4 -o decision=600dpi filename
lpr -o media=A4 -o decision=600dpi filename

CUPS acknowledges many styles of shots recordsdata along with PDF, PostScript, and text
recordsdata, so that you simply would possibly perchance perchance well per chance additionally print those recordsdata straight in preference to by an application.

Whereas you happen to will have gotten an application that generates output particularly for your printer
then you definately will have gotten to make employ of the -oraw or -l alternatives:

lp -o raw filename
lpr -l filename

This will prevent the filters from misinterpreting your print file.


Copyright © 2007-2019 by Apple Inc.
Copyright © 1997-2007 by Easy Application Products.

CUPS is equipped beneath the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0 with
exceptions for GPL2/LGPL2 system. A reproduction of this license would possibly perchance well additionally additionally be stumbled on in the
file LICENSE. Extra ethical recordsdata is equipped in the file NOTICE.

Unless required by applicable laws or agreed to in writing, system distributed
beneath the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR
CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either divulge or implied. Are waiting for the License for the
divulge language governing permissions and obstacles beneath the License.

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