Detailed Photos of iPhone Unlocking Tech GrayKey


For the final couple of years, a startup has been selling a instrument that can unlock iPhone to law enforcement officers whereas shrouded in mystery. 

Some small print about how the instrument—called GrayKey—works, and what agencies use it, own slowly trickled out as a result of Freedom of Knowledge requests made by Motherboard. But until today, only two photos of the GrayKey instrument own ever circulated widely. One became integrated in a Wall Avenue Journal article in 2018, and one other became revealed by security firm MalwareBytes the connected year. 

Now, extra photos own come out after GrayShift, the makers of the instrument, filed a chain of documents with the Federal Communications Price as a part of an utility to score an FCC ID, a project that every tech merchandise must plow thru in the United States to substantiate they note FCC standards.  

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Have you ever ever mature GrayKey? Quit you know one thing else about GrayShift? We would cherish to listen to from you. The use of a non-work phone or computer, that you would be in a position to well contact Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai securely on Signal at +1 917 257 1382, OTR chat at, or email That you just would possibly perchance well presumably contact Joseph Cox securely on Signal on +44 20 8133 5190, Wickr on josephcox, OTR chat on, or email

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The documents consist of a teardown of the GrayKey, which present that it is miles constructed on an ARM processor made by Compulab.

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Separately from the photos revealed by the FCC, Motherboard obtained a screenshot of the user interface of a GrayKey instrument by a public records save a question to with the Windfall Police Division. The screenshot became connected to an email to GrayKey as a part of an error document.


GrayShift failed to respond to a save a question to for observation. 

In March, Motherboard revealed a database of over 500 instances the put authorities own tried to score admission to iPhones with varying degrees of success. In some of those instances, agencies mature a GrayKey to search the phone. Nonetheless authorities also many cases learned traditional factors reminiscent of a password being too prolonged or an unlocking potential not being on hand for that particular person mannequin at that gash-off date, the database confirmed.

GrayShift and Apple are most steadily one-upping every other, with GrayShift discovering programs to use iPhone devices, and Apple introducing unusual mitigations to are attempting to kill them. In 2018, Apple presented USB Restricted Mode, which became talked about in leaked GrayShift communications beforehand obtained by Motherboard. The characteristic indubitably puts a extra narrow gash-off date on when a guidelines enforcement great would be ready to unlock the instrument.

These unusual photos usually are no more most likely to mark a important shift in this cat-and-mouse sport, however on the least at final give the general public a correct gape of a instrument that is generally tucked away in police forensics labs.  

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