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DistrictBuilder: The power of drawing electoral maps in the hands of the people


DistrictBuilder locations the vitality of drawing electoral maps in the fingers of the folks. Redistricting may possibly furthermore be a clear route of that represents communities rather and prevents gerrymandering.

DistrictBuilder is a free and open source redistricting tool.

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Correct correct down to the block

DistrictBuilder’s procedure gives you score entry to to the identical block-level knowledge historical in factual redistricting plans — without cost. With reference to the desk with electoral maps that better ponder native communities and lead to handsome representation.

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Screenshot of DistrictBuilder.

Expose inequalities

Evaluate population demographics and visualize the results of gerrymandering.

Construct appealing maps

Like a flash blueprint visually enticing and informative maps in our unique interface.

Capture your viewers

With out yell export your custom plot and part in an article, on social media, or any place on-line.

We’re making DistrictBuilder potentially the most superior redistricting tool it may possibly possibly furthermore be. Place our product roadmap to search out out what provocative capabilities are coming shortly.

Kind words What the redistricting community is asserting

Over 6,000 folks, ranging in age from 13 by 70, historical DistrictBuilder to blueprint their dangle congressional districts for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our mappers cherished the journey of the usage of DistrictBuilder and the visualizations it creates.

Justin Villere

I can no longer wait to explore this tool turn into extra fleshed out, it already has such big doable and I used to be having a LOT of fun with the puny block groups. Withhold the big work!


Battle for handsome and clear redistricting. DistrictBuilder empowers you to blueprint the next plot.

Are trying it out

Protestor talking to journalist on the street.

Construct the plot that calls for handsome representation

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