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Seeking to fetch an originate-provide Google Analytics replace?

Our as of late’s visitor has your abet. Uku Täht is the founding father of Plausible Analytics, an originate-provide web analytics project built with Elixir. For the closing couple of months, his project has attracted masses of attention thru informative blog posts and very particular individual evaluations.

On this interview, we can focus on about his expend of Elixir in manufacturing: the advantages, the downsides, the specifics, and why Elixir is so accurate for initiatives treasure Plausible Analytics.

Interview with Uku Täht

Could per chance well also you describe us a exiguous about your firm and your design there?

Plausible Analytics is an originate-provide project devoted to increasing web analytics more privacy-effective. Our mission is to cut abet corporate surveillance by providing one more web analytics tool that doesn’t maintain any links to AdTech.

I began building Plausible almost two years ago as a side project. I’ve been working on it corpulent-time because of the the starting of this three hundred and sixty five days and I’ve also partnered up with Marko who handles the promoting and communication side of issues.


Uku Täht, the founding father of Plausible Analytics.

What’s the most important characteristic or situation of aspects that manufacture the expend of Plausible Analytics a seemingly replace over Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is overkill for many website online owners. Plausible cuts thru the noise by presenting the total important website online website online visitors insights and metrics on one single web page. You don’t want training or abilities in web analytics to start.

Preserving the script lightweight is also a precedence. Our script is more than 17 times smaller than the Google Analytics script and more than 45 times smaller than the advised Google Analytics integration the expend of the Google Designate Manager.

However the finest reason to bewitch Plausible is the very fact that we’re dedicated to building originate provide instrument. The code within the abet of our carrier is freely obtainable for anyone. By the expend of Plausible you reduction assemble instrument that every person can serve from, now no longer accurate the companies.

How did Elixir because the language of replace give you the results you want when implementing these aspects?

I maintain Elixir is more healthy for our expend-case. It’s a in actuality productive language once you be taught it and it’ll also deal with tons of website online visitors. Closing month we processed 60 million pageviews with fully no concerns.

Elixir in actuality shines within the occasion you might presumably per chance per chance want stateful requirements for the app server. For instance, we maintain the total vigorous classes in memory so we don’t must undercover agent a session up from the database on every tournament. It become once a joy to assemble this fragment of the app the expend of the GenServer primitives.

How grand did the very fact that your product is now no longer completely self-hosted however also a SaaS repeat your plan to head with Elixir? Did you bewitch it to scale a SaaS?

I conclude mediate that the expend of Elixir enables us to fabricate self-web hosting a exiguous more straightforward. In other languages, it’s standard to expend tools treasure Redis and exterior message queues however in Elixir we are in a position to customarily maintain a long way flung from these further tools and maintain the infrastructure requirements straightforward.

Plausible is presently designed to flee on accurate one node. When we start building out abet for multi-node deployments, issues will accept in actuality attention-grabbing. I maintain treasure Elixir and the BEAM are designed perfectly for our expend-case the put we prefer a pair of nodes to portion sing about website online visitors classes.

Confidently, we are in a position to evolve the architecture with out desiring further infrastructure bits and objects. The design is to place the requirements as straightforward as seemingly so each person can flee the code on their have server. By relying on BEAM fundamentals, we are in a position to doubtlessly maintain a long way flung from in-memoy stores, exterior message queues, and cluster managers altogether, making Plausible straightforward to self-host.

Could per chance well also you describe us more about your deployment: the put conclude you host, how conclude you deploy, conclude you expend the sizzling code reload efficiency?

We lately moved from Heroku to the expend of Digital Ocean. I desired to luxuriate in our have dog meals in the case of the Docker infrastructure we built for self-web hosting. So now now we maintain a Digital Ocean droplet pre-configured with Docker and we accurate pull original photos from our DockerHub.

Since now we maintain a single node deployment, we conclude maintain ~30 seconds of downtime on each deploy and we don’t maintain auto-scaling abet. We can deal with these concerns as we scale, I accurate desired to be upfront about the downsides of how we’re running it.

We don’t expend sizzling code reloading because it doesn’t play successfully with the Docker waft.

What become once the finest subject while increasing Plausible Analytics with Elixir?

We expend a database called Clickhouse for storing our stats. It’s a moderately original and reducing-edge database and it doesn’t maintain a sturdy integration with Elixir yet. We expend a low-stage connection library which offers us random errors every so continually.

I’m fascinated about taking the time to write a factual Ecto adapter for Clickhouse so we are in a position to flee migrations and maintain better error dealing with. It’s straightforward to bitch about the dearth of libraries within the Elixir ecosystem however I’d treasure to entire my fragment in serving to the ecosystem thrive.

Are you pleased with the discontinue outcome?

Definitely. If I might presumably per chance per chance hump abet and conclude it during, I’d bewitch the identical stack yet again. Elixir+Phoenix is de facto fun to work with and it performs even better than I anticipated.

Any key takeaways that you just’d treasure to portion with our target audience?

Elixir is an beautiful language and its ecosystem is de facto coming along. I’d abet each person to present it a strive and make a contribution abet to the ever-rising checklist of libraries and frameworks to fabricate it even more extremely effective.

I’d treasure to thank Uku for the interview! While you happen to treasure to must search around more examples of Elixir extinct in manufacturing, take a look at out our interview with conception to be one of the Venu co-founders or read our put up about companies that expend Elixir.

Furthermore, within the occasion you might presumably per chance per chance want your have Elixir in manufacturing myth to describe (each accurate and inappropriate), we certainly are looking out to listen to it! You are welcome to write to us: whats up@serokell.io.

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