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FreeBSD Gnome 3 Fast Track


This text is dedicated to Abraham Joseph who just no longer too prolonged ago asked me if I will be capable to also accomplish a chunk of writing on the technique to configure GNOME 3 on FreeBSD 12.2. Within the suggest time 12.2-RC3 version is within the market in snarl that’s what I old fashioned but this could perchance well be the equal on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE (or 12-STABLE). All instructions listed below are carried out as root user.

Right here is the Table of Contents for this text.

  • Install
  • Connection to Web
    • LAN with DHCP
    • LAN with Static IP Take care of
    • WIFI
    • DNS
  • Packages
  • Settings
  • GNOME 3
  • Rest of the Setup

First you may also beget to set up FreeBSD. That you simply may additionally utilize FreeBSD Book or undoubtedly one of my guides – Install FreeBSD 12 – accessible here.

Then after booting to contemporary plan you ought to get connectivity to the Web. If its LAN connection then its advantageous snappily. Its for em0 interface.


# ifconfig em0 up
# dhclient em0

… assuming that you simply are on the LAN network with DHCP enabled.

To function it permanent keep beneath line to the /and quite so much of others/rc.conf file.


LAN with Static IP Take care of

If no longer then assemble these for static IPv4 connection to your em0 interface.

First add these two strains to the /and quite so much of others/rc.conf file.

ifconfig_em0="inet up"

Right here is how you /and quite so much of others/rc.conf file can also serene stare relish now assuming that you simply wish IP address and gateway.

# grep -A 1 ifconfig /and quite so much of others/rc.conf
ifconfig_em0="inet up"

Then restart the netif and routing companies and products.

# /and quite so much of others/rc.d/netif restart
# /and quite so much of others/rc.d/routing restart


If you happen to beget to make utilize of WiFi to join to the Web then its a chunk of more typing. On my plan I no doubt beget iwn0 wi-fi card in snarl that’s what I will utilize here. The SSID is the name of your WiFi network and PSK is password for that network.

# sysctl -n procure.wlan.gadgets
# ifconfig wlan0 get wlandev iwn0
# wpa_passphrase SSID PSK >> /and quite so much of others/wpa_supplicant.conf
# wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c /and quite so much of others/wpa_supplicant.conf
// count on CONNECTED disclose and hit [CTRL]-[Z]
# bg
# dhclient wlan0

To function it permanent right thru reboots add these to /and quite so much of others/rc.conf file. I bewitch that facts about your network is already within the /and quite so much of others/wpa_supplicant.conf file generated by the wpa_passphrase(8) portray above.

ifconfig_wlan0="WPA SYNCDHCP"


Final but no longer least you also need DNS. Set up your favourite here or correct paste the one beneath.

# echo nameserver > /and quite so much of others/resolv.conf

We can now change to the most standard branch or pkg(8) repository and set up wanted gnome3 and xorg applications.

# sed -i '' s/quarterly/most standard/g /and quite so much of others/pkg/FreeBSD.conf

# grep /most standard /and quite so much of others/pkg/FreeBSD.conf
  url: "pkg+${ABI}/most standard",

# pkg set up -y gnome3 xorg

# pkg stats | head -3
Local kit database:
        Set up in applications: 523
        Disk situation occupied: 3 GiB

Now you ought to add ‘your self’ to wheel and video teams.

# pw groupmod video -m your self

# pw groupmod wheel -m your self

GNOME 3 can no longer reside without the /proc filesystem.

# cat << EOF >> /and quite so much of others/fstab
proc  /proc  procfs  rw  0  0

Enable wanted companies and products.

# sysrc dbus_enable=YES

# sysrc hald_enable=YES

# sysrc gdm_enable=YES

# sysrc gnome_enable=YES

Enable EVDEV give a engage to.

# cat << EOF >> /and quite so much of others/sysctl.conf

Create the boot direction of quicker and more tremendous.

# cat << EOF >> /boot/loader.conf

Finished. Now you may also reboot into your contemporary GNOME 3 plan on FreeBSD.

# reboot

Your GNOME 3 desktop is now ready and likewise you may also login. For the cause of this text I old fashioned asd user.






The default font sizes on GNOME 3 are manner too huge for me so I tweaked them to 0.8 scale as shown on closing screenshot. I also dwelling the font in Terminal app to Monospaced.

Repair the Icons

As you in all probability saw on the screenshots above the buttons on the dwelling windows are broken. There is terribly straightforward fix for that. Love shown beneath on the screenshots first originate the Tweak Instrument. Then race to Look page. The Third merchandise from prime on the gorgeous panel (beneath the Issues signal) is Icons – please dwelling it to Gnome.





Viola! Now all icons stare correctly now.

Now there are some things that can need be addressed.

Love with the drawing beneath, you may also beget correct drawn the circles 🙂


Beautiful kidding 🙂

Add your favourite applications with pkg(8) relish LibreOffice or Firefox shall we embrace.

If you happen to trip GNOME 3 on a laptop, then I’d suggest alongside with procure-mgmt/networkmgr kit to get Networkmgr networking manager from GhostBSD.

I’d also suggest the utilization of a few of the FreeBSD Desktop series articles for the completeness of your GNOME 3 setup. If you happen to ought to tweak X11 then check X11 Window Blueprint fragment. I’d also suggest visiting Configuration – Fonts & Frameworks for fonts advantageous tuning. If you happen to beget to beget computerized mounting of detachable media (and likewise you in all probability attain) then check Configuration – Automount Media fragment. If its laptop then tuning the skill management offers you additional battery time. Evaluation the cramped print at The Energy to Aid – FreeBSD Energy Management fragment. As you’re the utilization of GNOME 3 you may possibly want to check Scurry to Dock plugin or utilize Plank described within the Configuration – Plank – Skippy-XD fragment. If you happen to did no longer loved the procure-mgmt/networkmgr kit (Networkmgr from GhostBSD) you may possibly want to take a stare at my resolution – FreeBSD Community Management with – described here.

Now no longer obvious what else I will be capable to add here as I attain no longer utilize GNOME 3 on daily foundation.


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