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G-CORE is a graph question language for property graph databases.

G-CORE turn out to be as soon as procedure by the LDBC Graph Query Language Job Power, consisting of participants from industry and academia, aspiring to bring the very most sharp of every worlds to graph practitioners.

The main facets of G-CORE are the next:

  • A Property Graph recordsdata mannequin which includes nodes, edges, paths and properties;
  • Paths as first class electorate: paths is also queried and manipulated (as nodes and edges);
  • Core operations: graph patterns (JOF), course patterns (RPQs), aggregation, subqueries (Exists+SetOp), graph and course construction;
  • Composability: operations the put the enter and the output are graphs;
  • Balance between question expressivity and overview complexity.


G-CORE: A Core for Future Graph Query Languages, SIGMOD’2018 (PDF)

G-CORE: A Core for Future Graph Query Languages, Technical Document (arxiv)

The procedure crew is formed by Marcelo Arenas, Peter Boncz and Renzo Angles.

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