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GANksy, neural network trained on street art, with interesting pricing model


We expert a StyleGAN2 neural community the use of the portfolio of a obvious avenue artist to ticket GANksy, an inclination visual genius whose work shows our unsettled cases. pudgy bio

GANksy was born into the cloud in September 2020, then underwent a strenuous A.I. coaching regime the use of many of of avenue art footage for hundreds of iterations to develop into the completely-formed artist we stare right now time. All of GANksy’s works are customary creations derived from its working out of form, develop and texture. GANksy must be put exact into a robotic body so it could perhaps perhaps spraypaint the total planet.

256 masterpieces are on the market beginning at 1, rising by a pound as each and each one is bought. All proceeds will abet us own more nonsense.

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