Google, nobody asked for a new Blogger interface


Even New Coke is better than New Blogger!

I am writing this put up in what Google is euphemistically referring to as an boost. I construct no longer realize this. I managed to push aside Unique Blogger for a couple of weeks nonetheless Google’s skill to fark stuff up has the same air of inevitability as rotting corpses. Maybe on mobile gadgets it be greater, and even that is seemingly to be a subject of favor, alternatively it be condo-inefficient on desktop attributable to greater buttons and fonts, it be noticeably slower, it be buggy, and truly soon it be going to be your finest different.

My greatest objection, alternatively, is what they’ve accomplished to the HTML editor. I am doubtlessly the final person on earth to construct so, nonetheless I write my posts in raw HTML. This became as soon as lovely in the feeble Blogger interface which became as soon as on the whole a huge freeform textbox you typed tags into manually. There became as soon as some methodology to intercept tags you didn’t shut, which became as soon as helpful, and as soon as you added ingredients from the toolbar you saw the HTML as it went in. In any other case, WYTIWYG (what you typed is what you bought). Since I in my opinion utilize moderately little markup and count on the stylesheet for most every thing, this labored neatly.

The contemporary one is a line editor … with indenting. Blogger has repeatedly truly, truly wished you to make utilize of

as a container, even although a closing set up has by no methodology been required. However now, attributable to the indenter, as soon as you insert a brand contemporary paragraph then it starts indenting every thing, including traces it’s good to delight in already typed, and there is no formula to flip this off! Both you shut every

set up straight to defeat this behaviour, otherwise you originate utilizing a good deal of
, which namely defeats any methodology of semantic markup. (More about this in a 2d.) First world scenario? Absolutely. However I didn’t ask for this “help” both, nor to require me to form extra pointless whisper material to catch around a doubtful feature.

However wait, there’s less! By switching into HTML phrase, you lose ($#@%!, discontinue indenting that line after I form emphasis tags!) the flexibility to insert hyperlinks, images or other media by any other methodology other than manually typing them out. You can’t even upload an image, no longer to divulge automatically insert the HTML boilerplate and edit it.

So swap into Construct phrase to truly construct any of those things, and what happens? Like earlier than, Blogger rewrites your doc, nonetheless now this happens all of the time thanks to what you can’t construct in HTML phrase. Sure arbitrarily-sure naughtytags(tm) love develop into (my screen-reader company could be upset). All those container shut tags which is perhaps pointless bloat appear. Oh, and ogle out for that dubiously-named “Layout HTML” button, the finest particular feature to appear in the HTML phrase, as towards one thing in actual fact pleasant. To defeat the HTML autocorrupt while I became as soon as checking things writing this article, I truly copied and repasted my whole textual whisper material a couple of instances so that Blogger would discontinue the hell messing with it. Who asked for this?? Clearly the designers of this travesty, assuming it is far never some merciless humorous memoir perpetuated by a sadistic UI anti-expert or a covert methodology to construct of us truly cheesed off at Blogger so Google can disclose no one uses it and shut it down, now intend HTML phrase to be strictly touch-up finest, if that, and no longer a serious methodology of entering a put up. Heaven forbid of us should always learn HTML anymore and verify out to jot down one thing efficient.

Oh, what else? It be slower, thanks to all of the extra overhead (soak up mind, it venerable to be lawful a huge ol’ box o’ textual whisper material that you lawful typed into, and a different of mainly static ingredients making up the UI otherwise). Faded Blogger became as soon as tidy enough (or maybe it became as soon as a gratified accident) to know you already had a preview tab inaugurate and would ship your preview there. Unique Blogger opens a brand contemporary, pointless tab every time. The fonts and the buttons are greater, nonetheless the icons are of a similar size, defeating any realistic argument of accessibility and lawful looks to be like dead on the G5 or the Talos II. There is a full bunch wasted empty condo, too. This could maintain the contents of the crania of the those that labored on it, and it sounds as if they construct no longer care (I complained a good deal of instances earlier than switching attend, I request no respond on story of they owe me nothing), so I truly feel no disgrace in abusing them.

Most of all, alternatively, there is never any added efficiency. There is never any workflow I do know of that this makes greater, and by taking away stuff that venerable to work, demonstrably makes no longer decrease than my very own workflow worse.

So am I going to rage-stop Blogger? Well, no, no longer decrease than no longer for the blogs I truly delight in that in the in the period in-between exist (truly feel free to talk over with, linked in the blogroll). I truly delight in years of paperwork here going attend to TenFourFox’s earliest inception in 2010, a good deal of that are aloof very pleasant to classic Energy Mac customers, and of us know where to bag them. It became as soon as the lowest effort scoot on the time to originate a blog here and while Blogger wasn’t futzing around with their own secret sauce it labored out neatly.

So, for future posts, my anticipated Rube Goldbergian nightmare is to make utilize of Construct phrase to load my images, copy the generated HTML off, form the the leisure of the tags manually in a textual whisper material editor as God and Sir Tim supposed and minimize and paste it into a smooth HTML phrase earlier than Unique Blogger has an opportunity to debris with it. With any luck they construct no longer shut the gap with paste no longer auto-indenting, for all that is holy. And if here’s the vogue forward for Blogger, then if I truly delight in any future initiatives in mind, I maintain it be time for me to originate self-net net hosting them and make a choice a hike. Maybe this truly is Google’s formula of getting this living to shut down.

(I truly preferred Unique Coke, by the vogue.)

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