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Google’s Vim Language Server


Build Status

Implementation of Language Server protocol for vimscript / vimL language in

This venture is aloof in very early fashion stage – it does no longer reinforce all
of vimscript syntax and most facets are no longer applied yet.

The lengthy mosey goal is to place into effect vimscript AST that can enable for:

  • building language server
  • building vimscript formatter, that vim plugins would maybe well spend in CI
  • building linter, that vim plugin would maybe well spend in CI

The subsequent steps:

  • create extra analysis on AST (e.g. variable monitoring), to enable for facets cherish renaming,
  • design a basis for formatter,
  • design a basis for generic linter (so that custom-made tests would maybe well additionally be added),
  • reinforce all syntax of vimscript.



Then, duplicate built binary to a save that is for your PATH.

Configure in vim-lsp

if executable('vimscript-language-server')
  au User lsp_setup name lsp#register_server({
           'title': 'vimscript-language-server',
           'cmd': {server_info->WrapLspTee(['vimscript-language-server'])},
           'whitelist': ['vim'],



Here is no longer an formally supported Google product

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