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How I Made $1,703 in My First Month on Upwork


With finest two customers — right here’s every step of the blueprint in which.

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Portray by Toni Koraza on Unsplash

I made $1,702 in my first 3 weeks on Upwork. I’m including one other week since it takes a minute to exclaim up the profile and gain delighted with the platform.

Upwork is now now not each person’s cup of tea. I judged the platform via the nefarious experiences of many freelancers that came ahead of me. Medium is chubby of unfavorable Upwork tales.

  • Cheap customers that repeatedly complain.
  • Revisions unless your fingers bleed.
  • Bottom-feeding opponents.
  • Upwork takes 20% out of your first $500.

The downsides are succesful, and taking a glance at them might presumably per chance sway any sane person a long way from Upwork. I stayed away for as regards to two years. Then, I read Matt Lane’s post concerning the price-up-entrance proposal device and thought it would work.

Matt made $12,000 in five months on Upwork. He would total a a part of the job upfront and send it in with the proposal. Within the occasion you haven’t read Matt’s memoir about Upwork, then walk and browse it after this post. He unpacks final Upwork info and frigid strategies to rating customers.

My Upwork memoir is varied than Matt’s. Nonetheless I quiet made a high-quality chunk of alternate with finest 2 customers, writing what I fancy. Right here’s every step of the blueprint in which on how I made $1,702 in 3 weeks on Upwork.

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Creator’s profile

After getting the fairway light from Upwork, I wrote a transient description of most traditional accomplishments, mainly specializing in my Medium work. I became taking a glance to fetch a gig that complemented my Medium writing.

Then, I obtained a mail concerning the Rising Skills badge from a man named Dom. If I became to total a transient questionnaire about Upwork and Freelancing, I can also create a varied badge that is equipped to finest 5% of most traditional freelancers on the platform.

I recall Dom presents the identical aid to most recent freelancers. The Upwork Readiness test became easy, and it took less than 4 minutes to produce. I obtained 30 join capabilities (you will want these to instruct for jobs), and became able to begin procuring for work.

I before every little thing exclaim my hourly label to $27/h, following Upwork’s advice. I’m now not sure label my hourly work as a author because I’m feeble to being paid per challenge and engagement. Many freelancers suggest staying a long way from hourly work, but I thought it’d be a unusual skills. I revel in it to this level for the reason that money comes in a week.

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I submitted 10 proposals in entire. Two proposals have landed me a job, 4 are quiet ready for a response, and 4 customers have found somebody else. Then, I’ve obtained two presents from folks buying for my skills. Customers can fetch you on Upwork too.

I had a 20% success payment pitching to doable customers on Upwork. I looked for work that became halt to my standard writing on Medium, and something I’d fetch appealing to work on. Customers perceive whenever you’re smitten by the challenge. You’re now now not struggling to fetch motivation since it doesn’t feel love a dry alternate of hours for the money.

Each and every proposal became centered on the client. I minimized writing about myself and shared finest potentially the most associated capabilities. Customers don’t must read journaling entries. Right here’s the transient:

  • Punchy opening line
  • A doubtless device to the client’s teach
  • How are you able to succor bring that solution
  • What can the client demand out of your work
  • Example of a outdated work that can also very effectively be associated to your proposal

Strive to get rid of the freshest job listings, presumably within an hour from itemizing. Upwork is humongous and that it is doubtless you’ll also fetch recent job entries with every passing minute.

I wasn’t interviewed for the jobs, and I think that sending a proposal within the first hour done a key role in getting both positions. I obtained contracts and the instructions within 12 hours of sending proposals.

The proposals that took the least time obtained me the customers. I felt drawn to both winning projects and I wrote a proposal from the center. My first contract came at $15/h, and the second one at $27/h. The first job is form of half of the asking label but reading that freelancers grab $5 projects righteous to gain sure opinions made this a stellar first deal.

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I clocked in 106 hours for $1,703 in my first month on Upwork. That comes all the blueprint in which down to a mean half-time salary in Los Angeles.

I’m writing what I revel in. Issues are similar to my Medium tales. The righteous plan back with long-time period customers is that I quiet don’t have a single evaluation on Upwork. Nonetheless so long as It doesn’t bother the oldsters I’m working with, I’m noble working with out extra praise on my profile.

Within the occasion you have skills to your field and taking a glance to begin on Upwork, it is doubtless you’ll presumably per chance in fact revel within the platform. Nonetheless, preserve a long way from worthless gigs, especially within the occasion you have already obtained an viewers in other areas.

That you just can skip the bottom-feeding customers that must pay your hard work with peanuts and begin working on frigid projects. I’m receiving weekly pay, which is frigid as the money is repeatedly coming in and serves as extra money to address life.

The Upwork costs are manageable, especially within the occasion you’re working with factual customers. Upwork costs descend to 10% after earning the first $500, after which to 5% later on. That you just can moreover demand to lose a pair of extra capabilities on transaction costs and conversions.

Upwork is a factual deal for some, even within the occasion you dwell in a developed nation. Extra $1,703 a month might presumably per chance pay your hire, succor with student and automobile loans, or walk in direction of your subsequent walk back and forth. Within the occasion you’re writing for money, checking up Upwork is now now not as nefarious as it sounds.

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