How to Form a California LLC (without a lawyer)


Right here’s the approach I’ve outdated to open a few California LLCs. I am hoping it’s purposeful must always you’re obsessed on starting a alternate.

Disclaimer: I’m no longer a attorney. Right here’s no longer just correct advice.


There are generally two predominant advantages to forming an LLC:

  1. Liability security. You are no longer for my fragment answerable for the debts of the alternate.
  2. Tax advantages. You presumably could deduct righteous alternate expenses from the general earnings of the alternate. Right here’s a straightforward example: Must you spent $1,000 on servers and your internet region made $10,000, then you definately’ll easiest pay taxes on the $9,000 in profit.

Strategies to create the LLC

There are three steps for forming an little liability firm (LLC) in California.

Step 0 – Expend a firm title

Guarantee that the firm title you’d like to make use of is available to be used.

  • Expend the California Commercial Search region to study if the title you wish is available.
  • Optional: Expend US Trademark Search Database to study in case your firm title has been trademarked. You presumably could roam into be troubled if somebody has protected the title in the category of alternate that you’re starting. Also, must always you safe to trademark the title in the long roam, then you definately’ll are looking for to design halt it’s light available.

Step 1 – File Articles of Organization

To assign your LLC in California, you might possibly want to file Articles of Organization with the California Secretary of Assert.

  • File Articles of Organization (Invent LLC-1).
  • Cost: $70, one-time

Sit down up for LLC-1 to be returned, which confirms your LLC is vigorous, sooner than completing the next steps.

Step 2 – File Assertion of Recordsdata

The subsequent step is to file a Assertion of Recordsdata with the California Secretary of Assert. This lets California know some common data about who’s working the LLC.

  • File Assertion of Recordsdata (Invent LLC-12). This step could also furthermore be achieved on-line right here.
  • If your contact info has no longer changed since the final submitting of LLC-12, file Assertion of Recordsdata No Change (Invent LLC-12NC) to assign time. This step could also furthermore be achieved on-line right here.
  • Cost: $20, repeat every 2 years
  • Full this step within 90 days of submitting LLC-1

Obvious tasks must always light be achieved on an ongoing basis to use your firm in moral standing. Filing an announcement of recordsdata is one such job.

  • RECURRING: Add this to your calendar to repeat every 2 years: Re-file the Assertion of Recordsdata

Step 3 – Pay annual tax

The subsequent step is to pay taxes. Every LLC in California has to pay an “LLC Price” of $800 per year, despite the proven truth that the LLC has no profits. Since you now contain an brisk LLC, or no longer it will probably be vital to pay the fresh year’s LLC Price though it will probably presumably be share-formula thru the year. The particular due date is technically the 15th day of the 4th month after the founding of the LLC.

  • File Annual Tax (Invent 3522) This step could also furthermore be achieved on-line right here (safe “Web Pay (Commercial)” after which “Annual Tax (Invent 3522)”).
  • Cost: $800, repeat yearly
  • Full this step within approx. 4 months of submitting LLC-1

In future years, the due date is April 15. To illustrate: the 2019 LLC Price is due on April 15, 2019. (Label: Right here’s utterly different than peronal taxes which are due the next year, i.e. for non-public taxes, the 2019 taxes are due on April 15, 2020. However for an LLC the 2019 taxes are due on April 15, 2019)

  • RECURRING: Add this to your calendar to repeat yearly: File Annual Tax Invent 3522

That’s it – you might possibly contain an LLC! 🎉🎉🎉

Congrats, you might possibly contain an LLC!

Donald Duck counting money

Usually, it’s furthermore a moral conception to prevent the next suggested steps:

Apply for a Federal EIN quantity on-line. An EIN quantity is form of a social security quantity (SSN) for your firm. It’s most famous for opening a monetary institution epic. You have to light use the EIN as an alternative of your SSN at any time when imaginable.

Delivery a alternate checkout epic. Expend your unique EIN quantity as an alternative of your SSN to begin the epic. Going forward, you’re going to are looking for to make use of your alternate checking epic (or an attached credit epic) to pay for all alternate expenses.

Capitalize the alternate. Meaning striking some preliminary capital into the alternate. Transfer $1,000 – $5,000 of your contain money into the alternate monetary institution epic to get the alternate started. This makes the alternate “right” and provides it some funds to open the usage of to pay for expenses.

Draft and imprint a “Capital Contribution” to account which non-public resources you wish switch into the alternate. It’s critical to account this so it’s very definite in case there’s ever a interrogate about which resources are yours vs. the alternate’s.

Right here’s a straightforward Captial Contribution template you could utilize:

INSERT_COMPANY_NAME – Capital Contribution (tax-free)

As of INSERT_DATE, all “INSERT_COMPANY_NAME resources” are transferred from INSERT_INDIVIDUAL_NAME (fresh owner) to INSERT_COMPANY_NAME (unique owner).

“INSERT_COMPANY_NAME resources” embrace domains and internet sites, code and servers, on-line accounts (GitHub, Twitter, etc.), alternate relationships, just correct agreements, and intellectual property (copyrights, trademark rights, etc.).


Most standard owner:

INSERT_INDIVIDUAL_NAME (sole proprietor)

Fresh owner:



Be diligent about conserving non-public vs. alternate expenses separate. Or else, somebody could claim your alternate is no longer in actual fact wreck away you for my fragment and strive to sue you for my fragment for the debts of your alternate. Right here’s identified as “piercing the company veil”.

Restricted liability security is indubitably one of the vital ideal reasons for starting an LLC, so that you don’t are looking for to lose this security by careless bookeeping.

When submitting your individual taxes at the live of the year, your LLC’s earnings and expenses could also furthermore be included along with your contain non-public earnings/deductions. Right here’s because a “single-member LLC” (an LLC owned by a single person) is assumed to be as a “overlooked entity” for tax applications. Meaning that it doesn’t contain the obligation to file taxes individually. The tax tasks moral scramble straight thru the LLC to you. Right here’s tremendous, because it keeps things straightforward.

Tremendous work!

Hope this recordsdata used to be purposeful!

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