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Implementations of popular neural networks with annotations and equations



PiPy Version
PiPy Downloads

That is a series of easy PyTorch implementation of diverse
neural community architectures and layers.
We are capable of support including to this.

Whereas you are going to need any strategies for other recent implementations,
please build a Github Command.


✨ Transformers

Transformers module
accommodates implementations for
multi-headed consideration
✨ Recurrent Freeway Networks


✨ Capsule Networks

Set up

pip install labml_nn


💬 Slack workspace for discussions_

📗 Documentation

📑 Articles & Tutorials

👨‍🏫 Samples

Citing LabML

Whereas you use LabML for tutorial learn, please cite the library using the following BibTeX entry.

 author = {Varuna Jayasiri, Nipun Wijerathne},
 title = {LabML: A library to position up machine studying experiments},
 year = {2020},
 url = {},

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