Indian Man gets a double life sentence for killing his wife.

The Republic of India is one of the most famous and well-recognized countries located in South Asia in the world today, it is also considered to be the Seventh largest country in the world because of how vast the land space it occupies is, India is also the second most populated country in the world.

Over the years, India has been seen or believed to be a country with numerous religious beliefs and other religious doctrine and if there ever is another thing this south Asian country is famous for, is the fact that they are known to breed snakes, snakes in India are either seen as gods or used for tricks or used as a security, which brings us to the main news.

In the land of India, there was a reported case of a 25 years old woman who was reportedly killed by her husband in her sleep.

Mr. Sooraj A Kumar and the late Mrs. Uthra were both married couples, though the actual years that they had been married was not disclosed, the couple were reported to have just  had their first child who was barely A year old before Mr. Sooraj killed his wife. According to reports on how he was able to end the life of his wife, it was gathered that on the 7th of May while Uthra was asleep, Sooraj brought in a Cobra snake into the room where Uthra was deep asleep and let it bite her, eventually killing her.

And even though up until this very moment, the main reason as to why Sooraj killed his wife is yet to be revealed.

The Kollam additional session court in Kerala India went on to award a double life sentence to Mr. Sooraj as well as an additional 10 years imprisonment for causing harm using Poison and seven years for causing the disappearance of the evidence or doing away with the supposed evidence and lastly a fine of 5 lakh.

On learning about the judgment passed on to Sooraj, Uthra’s mother was asked what she thought about the case and she replied saying she had expected more that a double life sentence but rather a death penalty as she felt that was the appropriate measurement of punishment that could be served for that act, she further went on saying that if her son in law was granted a death sentence it would serve as a solid example and warning to other men not to try a thing like this ever again.

But since capital punishment was prohibited in the trial court especially seeing how young the Convict is, a double life sentence would just have to do just right.

And even after his trial and Conviction, Sooraj still did not state the main reason behind his action.

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