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Linux 5.9 Dropping Soft Scrollback Support from FB and VGA Console Code



Linus Torvalds has determined to attain away with the “mushy scrollback” efficiency found within the FBCON and VGACON kernel code as a signal of the cases.

VGACON/FBCON for the classic Linux console has supported a software scrollback buffer with the Shift + PageUp keyboard sequence for scrolling up within the output for contents out of survey. However with most of us not making heavy use of the body-buffer console on the present time and the code being unmaintained, it is being stripped out from Linux 5.9.

As a post-5.9-rc5 switch, Linus dropped the FBCON code and the identical VGACON scrollback make stronger.

Torvalds wrote, “This (and the VGA mushy scrollback) looks to include varied unfavorable dinky special cases that no-one in point of fact is tantalizing to fight. The mushy scrollback code became in point of fact devoted a few decades ago while you on the total worn the console interactively as the key manner to include interplay with the machine, but that fascinating just isn’t the case any longer. So it is not worth dragging along.

Linus extra added within the VGACON commit, “We develop not in point of fact include any individual that maintains this code – doubtlessly because no one in point of fact _uses_ it any longer. Certain, of us level-headed use both VGA and the framebuffer consoles, but they save not appear to be any longer the key user interfaces to the kernel, and have not been for decades, so these model of extra suggestions cease up bitrotting and never in point of fact being worn. So in plot of are attempting to bewitch a seemingly unused location of code, I will fascinating aggressively rating it, and survey if any person even notices. Perhaps there are those who’ve not jumped in your complete GUI bandwagon but, and judge it is fascinating a fad. And maybe those of us use the scrollback code. If that looks to be the case, we are in a position to resurrect this again, once we now include found the sucker^Wmaintainer for it who in point of fact uses it.

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