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Look-Alike Apps Are Considered Spam by App Review



Stare-Alike Apps are Belief of as Spam by App Overview

“… my [music player] app used to be rejected because it violates Guideline 4.3 (Spam). I appealed to the overview board, they decided to preserve up the rejection, they suggested me that the app is made of the same template as many of my various apps like [a law dictionary app] … They manufacture no longer seem like made of the same template, will seemingly be made of Xcode’s Single Watch app, but that’s all..”

In most cases your total hard work bounced at the gates of the App Store because an overworked app reviewer seen similarities between your app and one other. Either similarities between your get apps or with one other app that the reviewer had viewed earlier than. Even when comparing the 2 apps aspect-by-aspect present that they manufacture vastly various issues. Nonetheless that overworked reviewer cared no less, threw a “Guideline 4.3” at you, and flagged your developer narrative as a spammer.

Unfortunately when your developer narrative obtains the spammer flag, any subsequent apps you post would be rejected except you appeal. That might maybe presumably also embody app updates. This indecent trace would seemingly slack down your update cycles as your updates accumulate rejected and you needing to post every to the appeals board.

Tricks on how to forestall this?

Tricks on how to provide obvious that you would possibly maybe continuously post apps un-encumbered?

“In case you know the enemy and know yourself, you needn’t anxiety the cease result of a hundred battles.”

Excerpt From: Sunzi sixth Cent. B.C. “The Artwork of War.” Apple Books.

Apple’s take a look at out is that apps would opt on to provide uncommon experiences (App Overview Pointers, sections 4.2.6 and 4.3). Apps need to not be a clone of various apps. This involves individual trip, take a look at out-and-feel, even the icon can luxuriate in to be uncommon.

Yet App Reviewers (those entrance-line workers) would opt on to provide a resolution within five minutes on common — even less. This would possibly maybe maybe also lead to apps being remotely identical-taking a be conscious to a pre-existing one to be labeled as spam, no matter getting vastly various functions. This supposed similarity would bee extra obvious when the alleged apps comes from the same developer narrative. Though it doesn’t drawl the assorted of the reviewer having viewed a identical-taking a be conscious app in other places — no matter various functionalities and intentions.

Tricks on how to Keep faraway from Being Labeled as an App Store Spammer

In case you’ve been starting new apps from the same Xcode Template, you would possibly maybe luxuriate in to think again that implies. Having a identical accumulate for extra than one of your app risks your developer narrative being flagged as a spammer.

Greater even as you happen to can begin early and produce obvious that your app affords a various individual trip honest appropriate from the accumulate section. Review the brand new app that is currently being designed with all of your existing apps that are available in in the retailer. Lay out your total existing apps’ screenshots (the ones that you make notify of as sources to post as App Store metadata would manufacture aesthetic) in one enormous floor, rob an very honest appropriate squint, and gaze even as you happen to can acquire similarities with the brand new app. Take a stamp of those as areas of enhancements that you would possibly maybe additional pork up the designs, the fitting technique to provide them extra uncommon but provide an very honest appropriate individual trip.

If you happen to’re designing a new app and enjoy performed the UI accumulate – at the mockup stage, no longer wireframe – but earlier than implementation, luxuriate in a be conscious at competing apps in the retailer (you did a aggressive evaluation earlier than deciding to provide a new app, didn’t you?). Take a be conscious at their screenshots and video demo. Review them with your apps. Test for similarities and re-accumulate those parts that you acquire identical and pork up over it.

Repeat the same notify of checking your opponents even as you’re doing an alpha take a look at, beta take a look at, and honest appropriate earlier than an app’s first submission to the retailer. Be obvious to preserve up your get biases in overview so that you would be submitting an app that gives an suited trip to the fitting of your expertise.

Subsequent Steps

Take a be conscious at your get portfolio of apps. Take all their screenshots and gaze if they take a look at out identical – with out studying the text. Strive asking somebody who’s irregular with your apps and gaze if there are similarities between them that it appears like coming from the same template.

Afterwards compare every of your apps with their respective opponents. Fundamental the extra established opponents (those with extra users or launched unheard of sooner than yours but at the moment updated). See if there are visual similarities and overview out to pass faraway from that and pork up your app at the same time.

Last but no longer least, produce obvious that all of your apps’ icons are uncommon. Even when it is a suite of apps – don’t luxuriate in the same contaminated icon and with a tiny mark that differentiates them. Their shapes and colours opt on to be uncommon and recognizable within a sea of icons.

In case you would possibly maybe like inspiration on the fitting technique to re-accumulate your app, luxuriate in a be conscious at these 11 books and sources on individual trip. That ought to build up you began on the fitting technique to pork up your individual’s experiences and rob your developer narrative from being flagged as a spammer.

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