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Manhattan Project Shield Window: A $3.4M relic from the Hanford T-221 Plant


A in actuality outstanding, one-of-a-sort artifact from WWII. This total defend window from the Lengthy island Project’s T-221 Plant in Hanford, Washington is breathtaking to gape.

Please Divulge: SMALLER fragments of the Lengthy island Project Protect Window are readily available. Click right here to study extra!

The Lengthy island Project Protect window also appears within the Orderly and Touch versions of the Fourth Edition of the Mini Museum!

Orderly (29-Specimen) Fourth Edition

Touch (29-Specimen) Fourth Edition

The Lengthy island Project used to be the codename for the study and pattern effort which allowed the United States to love a flash fabricate a sequence of atomic breakthroughs for the length of World Battle II, in conjunction with the first industrial-scale plutonium production reactor and the first atomic bombs. This titanic mission eager over a hundred thousand scientists, engineers, technicians, and construction workers at larger than 30 sites all over the United States, in conjunction with noted places corresponding to Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Trinity, and Hanford.

This specimen is a FULL-dimension leaded glass defend window as soon as installed within the T Plant (221-T) Plutonium Restoration Constructing, the first and largest of two production bismuth-phosphate chemical separations flowers used to extract plutonium from gasoline rods irradiated within the Hanford Place of living’s reactors.

All over WWII, engineers at Hanford would seek thru this glass while extracting plutonium for both the Trinity test on July 16, 1945 and the “Rotund Man” atomic bomb used over Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945.

The window used to be sold for the length of a authorities surplus auction within the gradual 1980s as allotment of the lengthy (and continuing) decommissioning job. The yellow colour of the glass is because of the a excessive concentration of lead-oxide (up to 30% in this case), which blocks blue and reach-UV spectral frequencies, and also offers the glass its protective qualities.

About the Window

Handiest a few total windows esteem this exist. This specific window is the largest. At 54” extensive and weighs about 1,700 lbs, it’s no longer precisely one thing you hang on the wall nonetheless it is an implausible share of ancient previous. If fact be told nothing else within the sector reasonably esteem it.

Above: The largest window weighs 1,700 lbs and is made of 30% lead oxide. It’s good and completely fantastic. $3,400,000. Divulge: The glass is so fantastic that you can perchance note the $1.8M crystal within the aid of the window.

Along with, to this window, there are a handful of smaller corpulent windows and very expansive fragments of glass readily available. As that you would possibly suspect, they’re very costly and undoubtedly heavy. These items are priced by weight and speed between $10,000 to $3,400,000 (saunter, that’s three million).

Even as you occur to is inclined to be attracted to acquiring one in all those incredibly uncommon items, please contact us straight away for well-known parts.

As noted at the tip of the collect page, we also have smaller fragments readily available. Click right here to study extra.

LEAD WARNINGThe glass is now not any longer radioactive nonetheless it is constituted of lead-oxide. The glass needs to be handled with care and easiest while sporting gloves. Lead is valuable to the Order of California to trigger cancer and beginning defects or different reproductive injure.  For extra knowledge breeze to

About the Lengthy island Project

For extra well-known parts about the glass and the Lengthy island Project please visit our lengthy-invent article “Nothing Would Ever Be the Identical: Notes from the Mini Museum.”

Above: Insist of the Nagasaki bombing taken by Hiromichi Matsuda (Source: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum)

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