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Megapixel Astro Mosaic Took 336 Hours and 208,000 Photos


The folk at French startup Vaonis no longer too long within the past save apart their robotic digicam telescope Stellina thru its most intense take a look at but: taking pictures a 208,000-photo mosaic of the evening sky, with none need for human input or astrophotography abilities. The break result is breathtaking.

Within the origin unveiled last one year, Stellina is a completely-automated robotic digicam telescope that seeks to roar astrophotography to the plenty. It’s a combination digicam, important particular person tracker, and telescope that, along with the partner tool on an iPad or other plan, enables even irascible amateurs to make a choice deep dwelling astrophotography.

You perchance can discover a short intro to the Stellina and one of many easiest ways it works within the video below:

This issue project—the brain itsy-bitsy one in all Vaonis Technical Director Gilles Krebs—shows off a recent “Computerized Mosaic-ing” characteristic that’s coming to the platform through tool change in 2021. This characteristic pairs the platform’s image stacking abilities with image stitching, to in finding ultra-high-resolution photos of gargantuan swaths of the evening sky … entirely on its appreciate.

The abilities became once gentle to make a choice this 546 megapixel panorama of a neighborhood of nebulae that live some 7000 gentle years away: the the Working Rooster nebula (left), the Statue of Liberty nebula (heart) and the Carina nebula (appropriate).

The helpful image is made up of 208,000 total photos, which appreciate been stacked into 168 photos (1,238 photos per plate), which appreciate been then stitched collectively into the 554 megapixel panorama you explore below. In total, this panorama is made up of 336 hours of publicity:

Admittedly, here’s a (clearly a hit) advertising and marketing and marketing stunt. Stellina is, despite all the issues, a product that is within the marketplace. But the outcomes are beautiful and the fact that it goes to additionally be captured by correct about anybody with none technical working out of astrophotography is roughly thoughts blowing.

As we acknowledged when we lined the product at delivery, we don’t comprise here’s going to persuade any extreme astrophotographers to promote their important particular person trackers and switch over to a completely automated workflow. But for any dwelling nerds who appreciate $4,000 burning a hole in their pocket, this may perchance perchance additionally fair allow them to make a choice beautiful photos of planets, nebulae and more … with out lifting a finger.

Image credits: Record gentle courtesy of Vanois.

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