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Minecraft as a K8s Admin Tool


Eric Jadi

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Would you homicide this innocent taking a look provider?

Disclaimer: In my spare time I capture to invent tools that no one if truth be told needs, and here is one of them.

Salvage you ever belief to your self: Why don’t we have an immersive 3D sandbox consumer interface to preserve watch over workloads on my favorite container orchestrator? No? Nicely here it is miles anyway.

The muse for KubeCraft Admin reach from observing a video on the MakeCode platform which showed that it’s likely through a WebSocket server to programmatically manipulate the sphere in Minecraft.

My project populates the sphere with somewhat diverse animals in somewhat diverse pens (one for every namespace). The animals every correspond to a handy resource in your k8s cluster.

Have to learn this legend later? Attach it in Journal.

  • Pigs are Pods
  • Cows are ReplicaSets
  • Chickens are Companies and products
  • Horses are Deployments

While you join to the KubeCraft Admin WS and stand on the beacon, connection is made to the designated k8s cluster. Animals will spawn to have confidence the cluster speak. Animals will die when resources procure deleted, conversely killing an animal in Minecraft will delete the corresponding handy resource.

Time to orderly up your resume and add Minecraft to your professional abilities! 🙂

Here is the github hyperlink!

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