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My short #SEPTANDY entry – CoCo3


…or my #SEPTANDY entry


Please …

It’s mute September and we are within the center of #SEPTANDY so I needed to write a post a couple of suited machine that I’ve refurbished now not so scheme attend – Tandy 128Okay ColorComputer 3.

Some time ago, I’ve additionally labored on one other machine Tandy 1000HX but that is the sage for one other, longer post so preserve tuned.

Right here’s my #SEPTANDY – CoCo3 entry 🙂


I’ve received this Tandy from Wendell as a part of a custom recount for him. The target modified into as soon as merely to refurbish this machine and fix it if damaged. Happily, in this case, fixing it wasn’t an argument. I simplest needed to orderly it properly and this post reveals the scheme it modified into as soon as performed. Nothing spectacular this time 🙂

CoCo3 is a truly identical machine to a Dragon 32 that I’ve labored on some time ago so the cool factor is that Wendell already has all hardware to dart instrument on this Tandy

My major reveal modified into as soon as to procure a 230VAC to 110VAC transformer as Tandy is powered by 110VAC … properly 120VAC to be right 😉

It took a transient whereas to procure this type of converter but when it arrived, it labored as expected. Tandy modified into as soon as alive!

To be honest, I modified into as soon as very much surprised a chunk because I wasn’t observing for that things will switch on so smoothly.

The machine itself modified into as soon as in decent shape. It wasn’t yellowed but undoubtedly required a sturdy cleaning.

Disassembly adopted.

I needed to preserve up the customary warranty void sticky label so I gently eradicated it with the aid of a HotAir gun.


I’ve began engaged on the keyboard.

The keyboard construction is extremely resembling one of the major Amiga 500 keyboard variants. The keys are spring-loaded interior and it has two-layer membrane. I needed to purchase your entire springs to rearrange the keyboard for cleaning.

After cleaning, it regarded if truth be told fine!

The case

I needed to purchase a badge to rearrange a case for cleaning. Again, I’ve eradicated it with the aid of a HotAir gun.


The PCB modified into as soon as coated with a form of grime that wanted to be cleaned. I modified into as soon as a chunk very much surprised by how an below shielding is linked to a motherboard. It’s linked with minute steel pegs which is extremely outlandish resolution. I’ve eradicated it wit pliers and cleaned your entire grime with a brush and a few IPA.

Making an strive out and assembly

With every fragment orderly, I modified into as soon as ready to dart some tests and originate up assembling it attend.


Basically the most efficient factor that I needed to attain in assert to enact this short project modified into as soon as to position attend a warranty sticky label on the case.

Fending off voiding of the warranty a success 😀


There had been no mistaken repairs this time but I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed this short #SEPTANDY – CoCo3 post.

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