Myst Is Coming to Oculus


Myst creator Cyan Worlds is adapting its traditional adventure game to digital fact. Facebook and Cyan launched that Myst will win a VR remake for the Oculus Quest later this year, launching after the birth of the upcoming Oculus Quest 2 headset.

The VR model of Myst is described as a “reimagining” of the 1993 authentic, which used to be created the use of Apple’s HyperCard instrument. It contains new art, audio, and interactions, plus a randomized puzzle choice for an added predicament. A trailer gives an excellent reminder of what Myst is ready, but it doesn’t imprint us what the game will essentially judge about love or how this could play.

Cyan has already made a foray into VR. Obduction used to be a spiritual successor to Myst that optionally supported digital fact. It used to be launched in 2016 alongside the very first recent-generation headsets, and while it had a gorgeous invent and wise puzzles, Cyan used to be serene searching for to steadiness making a non-VR game that worked in VR. That compromise doesn’t exist with Myst’s remake, and Cyan can scheme on a a lot broader station of conventions for VR puzzle video games.

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