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NHS Covid-19 App System


Right here is the system repository for the NHS COVID-19 App Gadget that makes reveal of the Google/Apple exposure notification API.

It contains:

  • The structure guidebook for the total CV-19 App Gadget
  • The API contracts for all exposed endpoints based totally on a small decision of patterns.
  • The provisioning scripts for the near atmosphere
  • The scripts that setup the target atmosphere and deploy the applying code
  • The implementation of all services required to procure facts and work along with the cell devices and external methods
  • The code to automate accomplish, deployment and take a look at of the services

Environment provisioning


The code to focus on atmosphere provisioning is build under the src/aws directory.


The near atmosphere is supplied as a docker container image. This fill for reveal to create all computerized
initiatives, along side deployment of target environments. Instructions on usage

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