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Non-Lethal Torpedoes, Rubber Octopus and Super-Slime: Vessel-Stopping Weapons


Among the largest challenges in naval war this day happen in ‘grey zones’ the set apart there would possibly well be heightened stress however no proper warfare. Iranian boats harass U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf, there are near-collisions with PLA vessels in the South China Sea, however no one is shooting. The difficulty is that any drawing cease boat would possibly well perhaps furthermore very properly be a floating bomb, love the actual person that killed 17 sailors on the U.S.Cole in 2000. Stopping vessels without shooting is a important mission, one which calls for inventive thinking.

In 2012 the U.S. Navy developed Minute Naval Provocative Rope Entangler or SNARE. This a dimension of branching plastic rope that gets entangled in the propeller, and would possibly well perhaps furthermore furthermore be fired from a pneumatic launcher love these feeble to fireplace T-shirts. A an identical machine, launched from a ship or dropped by helicopter, is feeble in the UK. This has two considerations: getting the propeller untangled afterwards is subtle and can require a diver, and the floating plastic raze is no longer environmentally good – and would possibly well perhaps tangle every other vessel later.

The U.S. Navy’s Surface War Middle is rising every other in step with hagfish slime. When attacked the hagfish, an eel-love creature, exudes a mucus-love substance that expands phenomenally underwater into a mass of slime, making it unattainable for predators to gain to the hagfish. The artificial slime weapon, acknowledged as Vessel Stopping Occlusion Expertise, also prevents a ship from inspiring. Unlike SNARE, though, it disappears after a brief time will no environmental residue.

Tangled propeller

A propeller entangled with the artificial slime Vessel Stopping Occlusion Expertise

US Navy

One other unusual Navy invention namely targets jet skis and quite loads of craft with water-jet propulsion. Patented closing year, it resembles an octopus, with a head and a mountainous alternative of floating tentacles, product of rubbery, biodegradable fabric, each 2-3 inches across and several toes long. Relish the utterly different weapons, it’s fired from a pneumatic launcher, or a mountainous alternative of the octopi would possibly well even be placed spherical a ship to manufacture a floating barrier. The malleable fabric will clog up a waterjet and live it, however is no longer going to cause everlasting be troubled or damage the vessel operator. As soon as the obstruction is removed, the jet would possibly well even be started up again on the total.

When the mission calls for a extra emphatic components of forestalling a vessel, that you simply would be in a position to fireplace a torpedo – a non-lethal one. In 2018 Raytheon patented a Non-lethal naval vessel interdiction weapon. This resembles an frequent torpedo, a field which Raytheon knows all about as they make quite loads of the US Navy’s torpedoes, alongside side the heavyweight MK48 and the lightweight MK 54. The adaptation is that the non-lethal one lacks an explosive warhead. As every other a deployment machine fires a barbed harpoon throughout the hull of the strategy vessel, then makes exhaust of sealant to cease up the outlet across the harpoon to “live or as a minimal lengthen a sinking of the strategy.”

As soon as secured, the weapon opens up a sea anchor, an underwater parachute, linked to the harpoon. This creates so great recede that it prevents the strategy vessel from inspiring effectively, and would possibly well perhaps furthermore furthermore tangle with its propellers.

Patent diagram of boat being stopped

A diagram from Raytheon’s patent showing the working of their Non-lethal naval vessel interdiction … [+] weapon

Raytheon Company

This arrangement of weaponry would possibly well well appear humorous and even crazy. Why traipse to so great anguish once you happen to can honest shoot the engine out, a methodology the U.S. Waft Guard fill perfected for stopping drug-smuggling boats? In a zone the set apart an world warfare is having fun with out, the closing component a captain need to unruffled enact is escalate by shooting and danger the utterly different facet shooting help. A rubber octopus, slime bomb or non-lethal harpoon-torpedo would possibly well perhaps furthermore peep ridiculous on a ship bristling with extra unhealthy weapons, however it no doubt would possibly well well honest assign the day. Such devices need to unruffled allow U.S. forces to continue their mission, maintaining potentially unhealthy harassers at bay whereas stopping any wider warfare.

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