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Obscurix – OS that is heavily configured for privacy, security and anonymity


Obscurix is an initiate source, are living working system in response to Arch Linux that is heavily configured for privacy, security and anonymity. It safely forces all net site visitors through the Tor community, has toughen for many other networks comparable to I2P and Freenet and is hardened quite a bit for security. All knowledge is lost at shutdown because it’s flee from RAM.

Obscurix is no longer affiliated with Arch Linux, the Tor Challenge, I2P, the Freenet Challenge or the leisure. It’s produced independently.

Obscurix is no longer performed yet. It’s serene in alpha. Designate no longer rely on it for anonymity or balance yet.

The source code will probably be chanced on right here.

That it’s probably you’ll per chance contact me through electronic mail at or on reddit at /u/madaidan.

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