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Final week, Wallenius Marine published the modern get hang of for the wind powered ship Oceanbird. At a digital press convention, journalists obtained a pre-discover about of the ship that will cut emissions by 90%. Since then, COO Per Tunell and Naval Architect Carl-Johan Söder get hang of been busy.


The recordsdata about Oceanbird are flying all the way via the arena. What reactions get hang of you bought?

“We are overwhelmed by all the toughen we now get hang of got. Quite a lot of the reactions incorporates hope: lastly a acknowledge that is good and would possibly originate an right contribution to decelerate climate commerce. I suspect that we’re all ravenous for obvious recordsdata in that home.” says Per Tunell.

“Of us get hang of been attracted to the technology with waft sails, what gasoline we can exercise for the engine and diverse technical particulars. We strive to acknowledge to as a lot as we are in a position to but most of the get hang of job is easy ahead. We get hang of now one 365 days to pass until we question of to get hang of a put collectively to yell” says Carl-Johan Söder.

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Why are Wallenius Marine revealing a lot within the middle of the get hang of job? Aren’t you panicked that opponents will method close your tips?

“Our vision is to lead the fashion in direction of in truth sustainable delivery, and for sure we desire others to enroll in us. It’s a ways never a contest, but rather a route we all want to method close. By being clear within the job, we desire to inspire others to envision the restrict to what’s that it’s probably you’ll also take into consideration. Reason we get hang of to originate a commerce and it correct can’t wait anymore.” says Per Tunell.


There get hang of been reasonably quite a lot of inspiring questions from the viewers. Turned into it somebody in express that it’s probably you’ll bewitch to supply a more detailed acknowledge to?

“Jakob Kuttenkeuler (Professor at KTH Centre of Naval architecture) gave a extremely factual acknowledge touching on how the wind behaves within the dwelling where the wings will operate. Because it’s above feeble sailing ships and below airplane routes, we didn’t know a lot about it earlier than we began the mission. Due to evolved laser measurements, so known as LIDAR, we get hang of a lot higher data now. Folk which would possibly perchance get hang of an interest can learn more in our blog post concerning the LIDAR measurements.” says Carl-Johan Söder.

“One inquire that I in truth get hang of got afterwards get hang of been concerning the real fact that we’re transporting 7,000 cars, and the way that will justified from an environmental perspective. Nonetheless the vehicle industry is going via a vital transition as neatly, and it’s transferring mercurial. I would verbalize they’re manner earlier than the frequent delivery industry and I am joyful that cars of the lengthy speed can get hang of tremendously much less, or even zero emissions from their operation. Oceanbird is matching what many automobile producers are doing completely” says Per Tunell.

Oceanbird close up

What happens subsequent within the Oceanbird mission?

“Alongside with our partners KTH and SSPA, we can proceed checking out with the 7 metre fashions in basin and start water, all the way via the autumn. The get hang of will likely be developed in assorted aspects as we proceed to position in modern data from assessments within the simulations. This would possibly occasionally moreover be a well-known platform to envision and demonstrate the preserve an eye on algorithm for the waft rigs and hydrodynamic appendixes.

We are moreover lining up for the first round of seakeeping test in SSPA maneuvering basin from discontinuance of September. That is also unfamiliar assessments where the model will likely be geared up with fans in yell to method close both aero and hydro dynamic effects in model scale. So, all in all we’re having a leer ahead to a extremely intensive autumn with several keen actions.“ says Carl-Johan Söder.

“We are in a position to for sure moreover proceed the dialog with stakeholders and lengthen the amount parties piquant. We get hang of now to make certain we turn every stone and method close away any doable obstacle that can also potentially extend the conclusion of this vessel. It’ll even be political, thought, correct kind, monetary, industrial, technical and so forth…..all the pieces want to examined and dealt with. Collectively we shall originate this occur!” says Per Tunell.


Clearly, you’re going to be in a yell to follow the job right here within the blog. When you occur to would bewitch to make certain to preserve as a lot as this level, subscribe to our publication or follow Wallenius Marine in Linkedin. You would possibly additionally moreover check with Oceanbird’s internet situation


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