Official GitHub CLI 1.0 released


Please glimpse our installation instructions for attend with installation or upgrading.


  • Add gh open instructions for managing GitHub Releases #1552

  • Add gh pr assessments expose #1563

  • Add gh gist list/look/edit instructions #1699

  • Give a internet to resolving the horrible repository for all instructions #1706

    Additionally, gh pr create now prompts for the put to push the original branch, collectively with an possibility to create a fork, in affirm of making an strive to guess the head repository or automatically fork within the background.

    Add gh pr create --head flag to explicitly region the head branch for automation and opt out of any forking/pushing functionality.

  • Add gh config region instructed disabled config environment #1639

  • Add gh attend ambiance attend topic itemizing all supported ambiance variables #1696

  • Add enhance for PAGER ambiance variable to permit a terminal pager program equivalent to much less, furthermore supported during the pager config possibility #1630

  • Add gh auth login --internet flag #1642


  • pr merge --squash: add pull build a query to of title to the commit field #1627

  • pr create: prepend physique defaults to the chosen template #1611

  • repo look: design now not HTML-hobble output #1657

  • field list: fix misalignment due to the Unicode and emoji characters #1677

  • Repair terminal color display under quite a lot of color schemes #1631

  • Repair zsh completion script #1707

  • Repair opening the obtain browser under WSL #1708

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