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Overview of universal scaler DS.D3663LUA, revitalization of Philips 42-inch TV


HousePhotograph, audio and videoOverview of the smartly-liked scaler with DVB-T2 DS.D3663LUA, the revitalization of Philips 42-jog TV with it and some nuances associated with it

They supplied me a low-worth ineffective 42-inchPhilips 42PFL7962 TV space with the prognosis “after a thunderstorm the mine-board burned down”. An submit-mortem published that the mine in it is miles certainly now not. With out thinking twice, I made up my mind to place in it a smartly-liked mine-card with a DVB-T2 tuner, since the customary phase can now not compete both in tag or in functionality. During installation, there were some difficulties associated with the vitality supply of the TV and its mountainous diagonal, which I could try and narrate in the review.

This board would possibly maybe presumably well presumably be basically the most in vogue of allbecause it accepts digital TV DVB-T2, and on the same time is terribly low-worth. Prices for a scaler without a quantity begin at 700 rubles and, provided that analog TV in Russia will quickly completely fade, it is miles wise to expose them favorable if aged as a video show. Scaler arrived very snappy, became once ordered on October 10 and already on October 22 I took the equipment.

The carton contains: a board, a remote withhold a watch on, a silicone case for it, an IR receiver and a shrimp fragment of wire with a connector for connecting it to the board, besides to instructions on A4 paper.

The board is terribly compact, dimensions 180 40 mm.

Extra Knowledge

Virtually all connectors shall be found on the long side of the board: enter for exterior vitality supply 12V, USB connector, HDMI enter, VGA enter, AV enter, PC-Audio enter, antenna enter and headphone output.

On the side there’s a part enter.

On the serve of the board is a sticky label with files referring to the board.

Photograph boards from assorted angles

Remote withhold a watch on


Preparing the lane for work

Surely one of many identified problems of this board is strongCPU warmth. Even before the first vitality up, it became once firm to substitute the “radiator”, glued to the technique, with a more massive one. The shrimp aluminum diffuser broke some distance from the processor almost effortlessly. Marking of the processor MSD3663LUA-Z1.

Extra Knowledge

Wiring LVDS cable

The PHILIPS 42PFL7962D TV uses the T420HW01 V.2 panel, the resolution is 1920 1080, 16.7 million colours, the availability voltage is 12V, the present consumption is 1A. Pinout and numerous technical files are in datasheet on her.

Right here’s how the mosey in the T-Con of the matrix looks to be enjoy:

We paint the pinout of the matrix, the smartly-liked lane and correlate:

It is seen that the tag pairs of wires are made in the same coloration, which facilitates their search. Unfavorable tag wires with a dim stripe alongside. Get each and every pair and tag it.

We additionally tag the vitality supply and “earth” wiring. Then we connect them with the corresponding pins on the connector. I regretted that I did now not expose the LVDS cable alongside side the card, since the TV cable has a assorted mosey for connecting to the lane. I had to solder straight away to the pins on the serve of the board.

In precept, the mine is ready for a efficiency take a look at (it and the TV matrix). Install the matrix vitality supply jumper to 12V.

We vitality the backlight individually from the native unitTV vitality, and lanes – from one other shrimp vitality supply unit, issuing 12 V. We connect the buttons and the IR receiver (left from one other smartly-liked lane) and the whole lot is ready.

But before turning on our constructor, it would maybe be main to flash the board for the resolution of the matrix we want.


Now that now we enjoy verified that the board is working, now we must always carry the shape to mind.

About vitality supply

The TV uses a vitality supply PLCD300P3 170 W. It affords 3 supply voltages: 5.2V, 12V and 24V. After which I ran into a number of the nuances. Surely one of them is that when became on, the vitality supply unit produces favorable one voltage of 5.2V. A 12 and 24 volts seem when the mild tag turns on the BLON illumination from the lane. And, as , the mine is powered by 12V. It turns out that we can now not vitality the smartly-liked board from this vitality supply?

In point of fact, the smartly-liked mine can eatfrom 5 volts. 12 V is favorable aged when a 12-volt matrix is ​​connected to it. Next are stabilizers 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V, which feeds the processor board. So, the lane will even be powered from 5V in case the matrix supply voltage is 5 or 3.3 V. Right here, favorable the lane would not enjoy a connector for connecting to 5 Volt straight away. It is a necessity to solder the availability wiring to the electrolytic capacitor, which stands after the 5V – stabilizer (on this board it is miles ECW53).

We’re contented of the efficiency of this kind (the blue LED is on, responds to the commands of the console).

Nonetheless, now it is miles now not imaginable to vitality the 12-voltlane matrix. Therefore, we connect the matrix to the output 12V of the vitality supply. Finally, as , these same 12V will seem favorable after the activation tag from the mine. Right here’s appropriate what you’ll have.

We unsolder the vitality supply wires from the lane (connect to pin 1 and 2) and solder to the connector of the vitality supply.

This matrix vitality supply has anotheradvantage. As indicated above, the present flowing by the matrix is ​​about 1A. Which is just too much for a microscopic SMD transistor on the lane that opens up vitality to it. He withstood the first few inclusions, but who knows how much is ample for him. (I read about this discipline somewhere on the forums, as an option – to substitute the transistor on the smartly-liked lane with a more worthy one).

The overall vitality blueprint of the TV looks to be enjoy this:

Voltage 5V is consistently supplied to the foremost-board,when switched on, the BLON + 5V tag comes from the responsibility mode from the lane to the vitality supply unit, which opens the + 12V supply to the matrix and + 24V to the backlight. And here there became once one other snag.

In fact that the vitality supply has an on signalSTBY is inverse, that is, the vitality of the backlight and the matrix looks after the pin of STBY closes to ground. Right here is the piece of the vitality supply circuit that is accountable for this tag.

When a low stage tag is utilized to the STBY pin(when it is miles shorted to ground), the T101 transistor opens, vitality is supplied to the LED of the optocoupler U101, which starts the PWMs that make 12 and 24 V. Within the event you ship + 5V from the lane to STBY, nothing will happen, the transistor is now not going to begin. So, it would maybe be main to change the circuit so that the LED of the optocoupler lights up when a high stage tag is utilized from the lane. To realize this, I added one other key on the npn transistor, and the blueprint began to peek enjoy this:

The significant connects to the outlet between pin 2optocouplers and ground. In this case, the mosey of the transistor U101 closes to ground. Thus, T101 is consistently begin, and KT503 opens when a high stage tag (+ 5V) is utilized to its mosey, lighting fixtures the LED of the optocoupler. You’d also command any npn transistor, and calculate the divider so that the voltage between the mosey and the emitter is now not now not as much as 2 instances decrease than the restrict on the datasheet. With two an identical resistors, it turns out to be +2.5 V. The hot button is assembled on a shrimp board and glued to scorching-soften adhesive on the vitality supply.

Now, you would assign the whole lot collectively in a space The vitality supply unit has risen to a ordinary place. For the smartly-liked lane I marked out holes on the metal substrate on which the oldschool mine-board became once situated, and secured the stands.

A board with an IR receiver and a LED from anotherI mounted the TV on a scorching-soften glue, the distances between the residence windows for them coincided, and there were too many filled with life ingredients on the motherboard, and I didn’t are looking out for to fiddle with the wiring. The buttons are left native, but since they are paralleled, all 6 buttons are connected to pin 6, that is, you would flip on or off any of these 6 buttons in standby mode.

Gaze of the TV assembly without the serve cloak:

On the serve cloak did now not assemble any cuts, onlyremoved the metal casing holding the lane from the side of the connectors and from above, to access the side AV connectors. The board became out to be a microscopic recessed contained in the case, all for that reason of the rapid LVDS cable, but this would not intervene with access to the inputs.

We flip on, and first of all we flip on autotune of channels. You’d also configure analog and digital TV individually, and capture the desired dwelling.

Autotune goes for a in point of fact long time, about 10 minutes. A dozen kilometers from the TV tower to the filled with life antenna were stumbled in your complete analog and digital channels which shall be readily available.

The quality of digital photos, obviously, would not overview with the analog, even though all digital channels broadcast in 576r.

Digital channels are switched with a stop per 2d, below for a few seconds files referring to the channel, the title of this plan, date, time and the whole lot else is displayed.

Extra Knowledge

TV menu objects

TV service menu

USB and multimedia

List of codecs supported by the board (copied from here):

Supported image codecs: JPEG, BMP, PNG

Supported video codecs: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, RM, RMVB, MOV, MJPEG, VC1, Divx, FLV

Supported audio codecs: WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC (AC-3 for TSUMV56RUU and TSUMV56RUE)

Supported file systems for USB: Hi there Shuffle ​​FS, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS

Processors with a Z1 on the cease of the marking are notsupport the audio codec AC3, which is aged in most video recordsdata. Unfortunately, our percentage is precisely that. And your complete films saved on my flash drive were played without audio. Disappointment

In this video is played effortlessly, without friezes. Photos on the 42-jog uncover additionally peek colossal.


Accepted mine-charge (as an option,A smartly-liked scaler, here’s how I known as it in the first review, on the opposite hand, in the feedback it became once indicated that a scaler is now not quite an precise view) enables you to revive a vulgar TV or video show with an complete, unbroken matrix in the tournament that the foremost board is now not repairable or depraved . Moderate costs for motherboards for TVs are 2-3 instances elevated than the worth of smartly-liked. In this case, if the TV is oldschool, it would possibly maybe maybe presumably well presumably also now not enjoy a digital TV, HDMI, USB-inputs.


– shrimp dimensions of the board;

– confident reception DVB-T2;

– A mammoth various of capabilities and settings each and every from the actual person menu and in the service mode;

– the capacity to vitality the lane from 5 volts;

– firmware for nearly all resolutions of the matrices.


– solid heating of the processor (substitute of the radiator is obligatory!);

– Curve translation into Russian;

– lack of enhance for the AC3 codec sound, basically the most ordinary of all;

– when the command of the matrix of the mountainous diagonal, it is miles undesirable to pass its vitality by the lane board;

-I would enjoy as a substitute of two low-command AV-inputs “tulips” further HDMI-inputs.

On the full, by system of tag / quality ratio, the D3663 board is the best doubtless option. I counsel if the reception of “numbers” is required and the multimedia part is now not significant.

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