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Playwright for Python: Reliable end-to-end testing for the web

Arjun Attam


Automated damage-to-damage exams are a extremely fantastic instrument to your group to ship sooner and with more self assurance. Pause-to-damage exams automate UI interactions and might maybe possibly maybe doubtless validate the functionality of your applications. To this damage, we are announcing Playwright for Python in preview on the novel time. Playwright permits builders and testers to jot down sufficient damage-to-damage exams in Python. Originate by placing in Playwright from PyPI.

Playwright in Python

Click the image to gaze Playwright in action!

With the Playwright API, it is most likely you’ll additionally author damage-to-damage exams that bustle on all new net browsers. Playwright delivers automation that is faster, more sufficient and more superior than present checking out tools.

Automated damage-to-damage exams possess change into more vital than ever sooner than. Groups are transport sooner and building apps that bustle on a increasing effect apart of devices. This magnify in tempo and net targets puts sizable stress on the checking out task, and automation is essential.

Whereas automation is essential, damage-to-damage exams are inclined to being leisurely and flaky. To repair this, we released Playwright in JavaScript earlier this twelve months and possess enabled thousands of builders and testers to set success at damage-to-damage checking out. On the novel time, we’re bringing the similar capabilities to Python.


How is Playwright diversified?

1. Playwright delivers sufficient, timeout-free automation.

Novel net apps are rich and responsive, issuing network requests and DOM adjustments in step with user interactions. This asynchronous conduct makes new apps more noteworthy to predictably automate. Primitive automated exams rely on sleep timeouts to manage this complexity, nevertheless timeouts in total result in unpredictable mess ups.

Playwright robotically waits for the UI to be willing, which ensures exams are sufficient to attain and more fantastic to author. Under the hood, Playwright uses an tournament-pushed structure that can listen to particular browser occasions like DOM adjustments, network requests and net page navigations.

2. Playwright is built for the brand new net.

The on-line platform is consistently evolving and adding newer capabilities every twelve months. Playwright is built to automate newer net aspects, in conjunction with emulation of mobile viewports, geolocation and net permissions. Playwright scripts can even intercept and modify network task and automate eventualities at some level of multiple pages.

3. Playwright works on all new browsers.

With Playwright, it is most likely you’ll additionally author automated exams for all new browser engines: Chromium (for Google Chrome and the fresh Microsoft Edge), WebKit (for Apple Safari) and Mozilla Firefox. WebKit is supported on all platforms, which enables you to take a look at rendering on Safari, even on Dwelling windows and Linux machines.


Employ Playwright with pytest

With our pytest plugin for Playwright, it is most likely you’ll additionally salvage started with out problems with damage-to-damage checking out. To install Playwright, the plugin, and the browsers to take a look at on, bustle:

pip install playwright pytest-playwright 
python -m playwright install

This plugin configures pytest fixtures that present building blocks that you just must for damage-to-damage browser checking out. As an illustration, the net page fixture provides a fresh online net page to bustle a take a look at. For a total checklist of fixtures, discover plugin medical doctors.

from playwright.sync_api import Net page 

def test_example_is_working(net page: Net page): 
    net page.goto('') 
    deliver net page.innerText('h1') == 'Instance Domain'


Employ Playwright with Django

You will spend Playwright to take a look at views in Django net apps. To install Playwright, and the browsers to take a look at on, bustle:

pip install playwright 
python –m playwright install 

Playwright integrates with the built-in checking out tools in Django. Namely, it is most likely you’ll additionally spend the LiveServerTestCase class to originate a reside Django server and bustle browser exams in opposition to it.

from django.contrib.staticfiles.checking out import StaticLiveServerTestCase 
from playwright import sync_playwright 

class MyViewTests(StaticLiveServerTestCase): 
    def setUpClass(cls): 
        cls.playwright = sync_playwright().start() 
        cls.browser = cls.playwright.chromium.originate() 

    def tearDownClass(cls): 

    def test_login(self): 
        net page = self.browser.newPage() 
        net page.goto('%s%s' % (self.live_server_url, '/login/')) 
        net page.bear('#username', 'myuser') 
        net page.bear('#password', 'secret') 
        net'textual snort material=Log in') 
        deliver net page.url == '%s%s' % (self.live_server_url, '/profile/') 
        net page.conclude()


Deploy Playwright exams to CI/CD

Working damage-to-damage exams to your CI/CD pipelines helps win issues early. You will deploy Playwright exams to CI/CD with the Playwright GitHub Action or with tools for diversified CI/CD services.

Playwright for Python is in-built the originate on GitHub, and we are enthusiastic to be taught more on how Playwright works for you. Surely be at liberty to part feedback or characteristic requests on GitHub issues or join the Playwright Slack community to connect with diversified customers.

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