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Programming 101: Books to Start Coding


Be it an O’Reilly e book, or just a few of the Computer Science classics, many programming books enable you to degree up for your career as a Developer.

This is also namely crucial whereas you are getting started in Machine Tell, or in a programming language love Python.

These last months had been fairly heavy and traumatic for many of us, what with the Apocalypse taking assign and all that.

So why no longer take advantage of the subject, and expend our newfound free time to double down on our be taught and read some programming books?

This continuously is the time to be twice as productive. As Paul Graham acknowledged:

“Whether it is that you just would possibly imagine to procure your self into a broad hacker, the means to attain it’ll be to procure the following cope along with your self: you never must work on humdrum initiatives (…), and in return, you’ll never enable your self to attain a half-assed job.”

Without extra ado, let’s question e book number 1.

Automate the Dull Stuff with Python

While you occur to’re fresh to programming, there’s this very early stage whenever you’re quiet realizing the monumental doable procedure can have faith, namely when utilized to automation.

There’s a tall disagreement between performing a sure bet manually, and doing it a thousand times sooner with a script.

There’s furthermore a case to be made that Python is the most handy language to fetch started with Machine Tell, since its syntax and environments also can furthermore be less daunting than C or Java. This implies, that you just would possibly utilize less time doing this roughly “space up” issues, releasing you as much as focal point on what’s crucial: solving right considerations.

I possess Automate the Dull Stuff surely devices itself rather then other programming books in this dwelling: showing you from the fetch-wander which bizarre day-to-day considerations that you just would possibly solve with Python scripts, or with code, surely.

From total program drift and logic to extra evolved projects love Web Scraping, this e book walks with you the total means from beginner to proficient, with out retaining your hand too valuable.

My well-liked mission from that e book is the one on the chapter Tackle the Clipboard Command, which teaches you easy the manner to copy and paste textual converse material programmatically, within the fracture making a broad-clipboard which stores extra than one textual converse material.

I surely have faith a private attachment to this e book, as I extinct it to be taught Python when I became once quiet in high college, settling on whether or to no longer gape Computer Science or no longer.

While you occur to work in an place of work and also you’re pondering of pivoting into programming, this e book is for you.

Here’s a hyperlink to Automate the Dull Stuff in Amazon.

Introduction to Algorithms (Cormen)

To every Computer Science scholar, Cormen et al.’s Introduction to Algorithms is our bible.

This e book has been sitting on my shelf for years.

It has helped me put collectively for many checks, or on every occasion I must brush up on Recordsdata Structures earlier than an interview.

Especially whenever you’re planning to fetch into Machine Tell with out getting a college degree, this e book is a particular must-read.

This Computer Science e book is the most complete gape of total Recordsdata Structures and Algorithms you would possibly per chance per chance secure.

It covers:

  • Algorithmic Complexity (with the most handy clarification of Burly-O notation I’ve viewed thus some distance).
  • Sorting Algorithms (many sorting algorithms).
  • Graphs and Graph-connected Algorithms (namely Binary trees).
  • Hash tables and hashing algorithms.
  • Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms.

These matters and heaps others are outlined in understandable terms, but with mathematical rigor and correctness. Now no longer handiest that, but they most continuously come up each in day-to-day work, and in interview considerations.

Agree with in mind here’s a college degree e book, packed chubby with formal proofs and mathematical notation.

Even so, I possess most builders will agree it is in total titillating to read (whenever you don’t secure Recordsdata Structures fun, be sure you’re picking the most effective career!), and explains most concepts surely clearly and succinctly.

While you occur to’d pick on to be taught the procedure a hash desk works, or are searching to be capable of create a binary search tree from scratch, or merely desire a short brush up on sorting algorithms earlier than an interview, here’s the e book for you.

As earlier than, here’s a hyperlink to Cormen et al.’s Introduction to Algorithms in Amazon.

And, speaking of interviews…

Cracking the Code Interview

Okay, hear me out here. While you occur to’re starting from scratch, I possess Automate the Dull Stuff is the most helpful means to commence studying Python and programming.

And whenever you would possibly per chance per chance pick on to dive deeper and be taught extra evolved or theoretical Computer Science concepts, love Algorithms and Recordsdata Structures, then Cormen’s Introduction to Algorithms is the undisputed e book to head.

However, when all is acknowledged and accomplished, there would possibly be a craftsmanship that you just would possibly handiest be taught by doing, and practising.

As Charles Darwin once acknowledged:

“I surely have faith consistently maintained that, excepting fools, males did no longer vary valuable in intellect, handiest in zeal and onerous work.”

If that’s the stage where you feel you’re at, then the most handy part that you just would possibly attain is notice lots, with many numerous considerations.

That’s precisely what Cracking the Code Interview (CTCI, for pals) has to offer.

Nice, the principle chapter deals extra with the “comfy” substances of a Machine Interview (which, every other time, whenever you propose to practice for a SWE job within the fracture, then you definately must master these too!).

But the remainder of the e book? Chapter after chapter of fun, tough considerations taken straight out of Google’s, Microsoft’s or Fb’s interview processes. And, they’re divided into lessons so that you just would possibly notice one discipline at a time.

Feel comparable to that you just must polish your bit manipulation abilities? CTCI has a chapter for you.

Decide to seem at pondering for your toes and deciding which Recordsdata Structures fit every roughly discipline setup? CTCI has you covered, too.

I did feel my Machine Interview abilities improved after reading CTCI and going by procedure of all its workout routines. However, that’s indubitably no longer the biggest segment. The most costly part I obtained from CTCI, is notice: fingers-on notice, solving many numerous considerations by procedure of code.

To fetch started, be sure to verify out Cracking the Code Interview on Amazon.


To this point, I’ve made concepts for:

  • A truly language-targeted programming e book for your first steps as a Developer.
  • A extra tutorial or broader e book for the extra theoretically-oriented readers.
  • A final, very helpful e book with plenty of workout routines for all individuals, venerable and fresh to coding.

Every of these programming books has helped me be taught lots. Some have faith saved my pores and skin on extra than one occasion -or exam!-.

After I fetch keen for an interview, or a tricky exam, there are no longer every other books I’d fairly have faith (even supposing, whenever you read this some distance and are pondering ‘hiya, he didn’t point out !’ here’s your time to shine! Hit me up within the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to my reading list).

I am hoping no longer no longer as much as a majority of these books will be as worthwhile to you or your programmer pals, too!

Agree with you already read any of these books? Are you reading any of them? Let me know what you imagine them within the comments!

I’d fancy to know your belief, each whenever you cherished them or no longer. Especially whenever that you just would possibly offer a recommendation for what you possess is the next different!

While you occur to’d pick on to fetch into Recordsdata Science or Machine Finding out, test out my older post Machine Finding out Books to Stage Up as a Recordsdata Scientists.

We are able to furthermore talk about these books on Twitter, Medium of whenever you’re fervent.

I are seeking to listen to your opinions!

(limited disclaimer: all of these links are Amazon affiliate links. This implies I fetch a limited commission whenever you put them. However, I’ll handiest evaluation books I’ve in reality read, and have faith in reality suggested to folks in true existence)

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